Stand by U drama theme song-BeeTV Sweet Room-Narimiya Hiroki

30 Jul

Stand by U drama theme song

This is BeeTV production and the drama can only be watched through keitai (cellphones). “Sweet Room” consists of 12 episodes with 5 minutes duration for each episode^^;; There will be 4 stories with 4 different leads. That means 3 episodes (15 mins) for each story. The news article published this morning only talk mostly about Story #1 stars Narimiya Hiroki, titled “LAST LOVE” where Narimiya will have his first “serious” bed scene here πŸ˜„ Which means passionate kiss and nudity.

“Sweet Room” will broadcast on cellphones starting August, 1st. Story #1 “LAST LOVE” stars Narimiya Hiroki. Story #2 “BIRTHDAY” stars Mukai Osamu. Story #4 “ROOM SERVICE” stars Toyohara Kosuke. Only Story #3 has not been confirmed yet. Nothing has been revealed yet about Mukai’s episode plot or co-stars.

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2 Responses to “Stand by U drama theme song-BeeTV Sweet Room-Narimiya Hiroki”

  1. yen December 14, 2009 at 8:14 am #

    so in love with this drama … >,.< but sadlyi cant watch /download it ///

  2. dee4hero December 14, 2009 at 11:14 am #

    So do i…
    But..i try to watched that in tv..
    How can i put..
    That drama is vulgar..LOL
    so,i don’t wanna hear Stand by you 4 those scene..LOL
    thnx 4 comment!^o^
    if u have a twitter,u can follow me~n we can share many things^^

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