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Happy New Year!!

31 Dec

it’s the end of 2009!!
Talking about 2009,,many things that happen,ne??!
For me, 2009 is a great year.
In 2009,I thougt I’m grew up! ^___^ I see all the things with different think..
And I’m in the end of TEENAGER LIFE!!*oopss..i became OLD!!*

Thnx for reading my “poor” blog….
Hope next year is the GREAT YEAR FOR EVERYONE!! Make world better place!!
Stop global warming!! I can try more eco life in 2010!! ^___^
Actually I don’t have resolution or something like that.
But, I always have target in my life..

In 2010..i wanna:
• Still got that scholarship!! (God..please let me to get it…..)It’s not money at all..but that scholarship really prestigious! And I’m really hard-working for that ! hope I can get GREAT IP!!! *praying to the god*
• Be a MATURE person!! And can see anything with many perspective
• I hope I can give many love for everyone, and give their my affection.
• still….finishing my majority in 3 years!! ^_______^ GANBATTE!!
• I want many people that I love get everyting that they want!! I hope better life for them..and hope their KEEP HEALTHY!!
• Increase my nihongo!! ^________^
• Can meet my parents OFTEN!!
• TVXQ still together…I hope they make their own management,leave SM.*in 2009 SM always make my heart hurt!!*
• I wanna MUCH MONEY!! Just fangirling TVXQ can make ur wallet crying!! And now~~~ my wallet must MORE CRY!! TVXQ and ARASHI always release many single in one year T^T…and they always release many stuff!! *I hope in 2010 there’s Money’s Rain!! LOL*
• ARASHI…ARASHI… for ME!! LOL… I wanna go to Japan and hope they’ll tour at Kokuritsu again..^___^ and Tokyo dome again for TVXQ!! ^___^ maybe TVXQ will held a concert at kokuritsu too?? *I’ll faint if it’s come true!!*

People always have many wishes!! LOL…
If I write all the things that I want..this blog must can’t be the end!! LOL
Just GANBATTE!!! Let’s make our wishes come true!!
Be confident with our self ^__~
*many people said I’m a positive person!! LOL*
so..I hope I can stay with positive things!! LOL~~
Spread our love and our dream in 2010!! ^_____^


My love <3 <3 <3

31 Dec

Currently,I’m very addict with ARASHI, maybe many people know about that^^

ARASHI is a Group Music from japan under Jhonny’s Entertainment. They’ve 5 member: Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun.
I don’t like them before. JE artist that I love just Ikuta Toma. When I watched many video of him and how he interact with other JE boys, I try to searching about JE artist. I’m searching about SMAP until Hey Say jump!. And I fallin’ in love with KATTUN since I’m an AKAME fans ^____^~~
I’m addict with KATTUN for 3 months maybe….
I thought they’re really funny!! Especially Nakamaru yuichi XDD.
Then,I watched ARASHI’s TV show….
They make me:
They appereance really natural!! They showing who they are~~
They’re don’t care about their image..and they’re really comfort each other.
Their song and dance ability really different with TVXQ, but they’ve own way that make their SO GREAT!!
Why I love them?? I cant express my heart^0^
Maybe the reason is:

They’re a down-to-earth guys!! Really have fun when I see their show..and when u hear how they talking.LMAO!! They’ve strong bond each other. It’s look u cant disturb when they together~~such as they’ve own world for them.
Their concert TOO GREAT!! They’re 1st artist that make me cant close my mouth when I see their concert!! SUGOI!!!
Their ability!!! Their have different ability each other but really compliment each other.
They solo carrier as great as they in the group. And everytime when they got solo project,they’ll support each other. And solo project for group sake.

2009 is ARASHI’s year!! I’m really happy and proud became a part of their fans.

they got ALL the Oricon Chart!! first time~~and new record for oricon!!

KING of Oricon chart 2009 ^___^

*wth with their hair?? i wanna kick the hairstyle!! >___<*

Aaa…I really cant express how I love th

Even I’m reborn,, I wanna see them again. Sakurai Sho is my inspiration….
my mom said I and sho have many resemblance..LOL
but I’m not great as him!!

Sorry if u get English very bad >__<;;

31-12-2009 AMEBA RANK

31 Dec

2位  嵐-ARASHI
3位  福袋
6位  佐藤健 – KEN SATO
9位  安室奈美恵- NAMIE AMURO
10位 ジェジュン-JAEJOONG^^

it’s nice^^..

TVXQ-ARASHI-Kame-Jaejoong-Exile ^___^

The 60th NHK Kohaku Singing~~

31 Dec

KOHAKU start 7.15 pm  until 11.45 pm Japan Time

“part 1”
Ayumi Hamasaki → EXILE → AKB48 → flumpool → NYC boys → Ikimonogakari → “festival for children” → Kitayama Takeshi . Natsuko Godai → → GIRL NEXT DOOR → Nana Mizuki Jell-O → → FUNKY MONKEY BABYS → 美律子 Nakamura, Yoshimi Tendo → → → Porno Graffiti . Mikawa Kenichi Sakamoto Fuyumi → → → Hosokawa Takashi . Otsuka Ai . Remioromen → → → Shinichi Mori . Miyuki Kawanaka
“Part 2”
→ “The Power of Song” → “Boyle Susan” → Yusuke.  Tokunaga Hideaki → aiko → → → TOKIO → Hirahara Ayaka . Akimoto Yoriko.  TVXQ → Perfume → → → Kaori Mizumori Hiroshi Itsuki → “Michael Jackson Special Stage” → → Alice Kimura Kaela Mika Nakashima Yuzu → → → → Angela.  Aki Sachiko.  Kobayashi Akira Fuse → → → Kumi Koda . Masaharu Fukuyama → ARASHI→ “secret guest” → Hikawa Kobukuro → → → Sayuri Ishikawa.  Akiko Wada . Ayaka → → SMAP → DREAMS COME TRUE → Saburo Kitajima


there’s secret guest…^_^

guess who??

Suponichi the newspaper in an interview, this secret guest is Yazawa. This year’s red and white to four scripts where there is a blank page over. If we turn at around 11 pm, the popular group “ARASHI” after singing, and we entered a climactic scene of the show.
Yazawa appeared not broadcast, NHK Hall in the hall and coming up. I sing many songs, the band is back, and whether the information is not staying.
NHK, only 20 have appeared in the desire to offer more than a year Yazawa annually. Yazawa has miraculously reached the time for sixty nine red and white the same month. New Year’s Eve show in 05 years against the red and white “Dynamite!!” When sung in the interview with the newspaper, “I would not mind singing the sunrise. But not his own image is still out on the red and white. Even image If no why not, “he said.

Non-singers and singers who appeared in the planning, maybe this :

Kiyoshi Shirou Kato, and Masa Kura, Johnny Jr., Nozomi Ohashi, Mitsuko Mori, Masaaki Sakai, Toshiyuki Nishida, Takeda Tetsuya, Yukie Nakama, Kana Kurashina, Ishiguro Ken, Michiko Hada, Rentaro Mikuni, Ichigo Ayanokoji kid, Taichi Saotome, Daigoro Tachibana, Ookawa Ryoutarou, Kung fish, fireflies T. Hara, Takaandotoshi, Totarutenbosu, Radio Oriental, Kendokobayashi, deputy director, mayonnaise, black half Nya, tutorials, NON STYLE, China Round Daikichi Hakata, Harumi Edo, IKKO, Ai Haruna , Audrey, Joe Hisaishi, Sally Ann, Susan Boyle

they invite NON STYLE and AUDREY!! ^0^

it’s beter if they invite Hannya too.

Hannya is my favorite japan’s comedian^^

and Koda Kumi will singing with her lil sisters MISONO for first time^^

it’s interesting Kohaku!!! Don’t miss it!!


29 Dec

i went to campus on time!!! ^_______^
even rainy day~~~ >__<
sensei really lateeeeeeeee!!!
nihongo really suck!!!
i get bored everytime in her class..
not just me..all my friends too!! *swear*

after that…
my second class is International Communications..
it's fuc*ing boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeed toooooo!!
i hear my ipod~~
dunno why..
i'm addict to EXILE's song lately~~
*maybe b/c Tokyo Dogs..LOL*

in 3rd class…
i really……..can't tolerate!!
sooooo,i skip that class!! *wicked*
i and my senior go to game center~~
i played para-para for 2 hours!!
oh…i cant feel my hand again! it's really tired but HAPPY!!!
i hope tomorrow,,i'll fight again!! yoshhhhhhhhh…
ganbatte!!! ganbatte!!!
i don't wanna skip my class again!!
GANBATTE!!! ^__^

[pict] 28122009-Changmin jeju to gimpo

28 Dec

he lookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssss sooooooooooo handsome!!LOL

*Changmin bias: MODE ON*

this my fave changmin’s hairstyle^^

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TVXQ’s TV broadcast additional information. . .

28 Dec

TVXQ TV broadcast additional information. . .

12/28 (Mon) 24:20 ~ 25:09 NHK Kohaku Special General 『MUSIC JAPAN』
※ featured artists to participate in the festival for this year.

25:09 ~ 26:07 NHK MUSIC JAPAN General 『SP』 Christmas Love Song
※ 12/20 aired a rerun.

12/31 (Thu) 9:55 ~ 12:30 TBS series of lottery numbers Tamao 『pike! I dream about you Kanaetaro SP』
※ reruns of the show this year is the one broadcast in May. Do not miss out!

1 / 8 (Fri) 25:20 ~ 26:15 on NTV HIGHLIGHT MUSIC FIGHTER 『Music』 Suit
※ air appeared in the last part of the talk

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