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12 Jan

my friend, Pam..

make a prject!! Arashi’s MAP…

see at:

everyone that ARASHIAN let’s join,ne!!

i hope many Indonesia fans..Let’s the boy now..

many people in Indonseia love them very much!!

and hope they’ll held a concert,ne??!!

btw~~ follow my twitter..

i’ll follow u back~~

i need many fangirl that wanna share boys love!! LOL

kpop and jpop!! even all dorama lover!!! ^____^



what’s going on???

12 Jan

today, my exam is Japanese language~~

that exam is the kind of conversation

I’ve order the 30 i’ve waited about 2 hours

finally I went into the exam room…..

and you know??? I was asked by the sensei~~(with japanese leanguage)

  • What about ur breakfast this morning?
  • what today is?
  • what time is it??

i always answer her question~~~ and thennnnn….jajajajajajajjajjajjaa…

after that she said I could go home!

i just like~~

dee: *mumbled* USOOOOOOOOOOO????!!! how about my exam???

sensei: “I think you already know about this subject~~you could go home.Arigatou.”

dee: *shocking* “hai…Arigatou sensei” what the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww??? LOL

God let me get A for this subject!! *amiiiin*

aniway tomorrow is crying time!! that exam must be really hard.. i don’t know anything about that subject!!*suicide* maybe I’ll make abstract painting on paper my exam..T_____T

ganbatteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! huufftttt~~~

aniway..i watchinggggggggggg JCD~~ (again & again) the reason is: IKUTA TOMA!!! i really missing him on the stage!! LOL

and the best thing is: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….*will perfect if there’s jinjin*LOL

oohh.. i must study,ne?!! everytime that i wanna try study>>> i’ll asleep!! finally~~need a strong impulse,ne??!! the impulse is: JE boys and DBSK!!! LOL especially my Jaejoong and Sho-chan^^

Jhonny’s Countdown 2009-2010

2 Jan

I see many ikemen in new year!!LOL

Arshi made it!! they still using kohaku’s costume..

hayaii na!!! after kohaku..they went to tokyo dome!!

i’m glad i can watchin’ in keyhole^^

There were many changes of clothing at all. .i love kanjani’s leopard print costume^^~~

anoo… Ueda’s hair looks weird..XDD

tackey & tsubasa appear!! tsubasa’s hair greattttt !!! 😉

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT is Uchi and  Toma were present at the concert.



u can download here:


60th Kohaku Utagassen

2 Jan

new year eve really great,ne??

i spend my time with watchin’ kohaku and J-countdown..

after watching j-countdown~~i went to family hause^^ i’ve new year party! tanoshii!! we’ve hanabi party..

and at 12 a.m the city full of hanabi!! CHOOOO KIREII NA!!!

but, i;m bit guilty~~ i’thing it’s useless..they make luxurious party even many poor people cant eat T^T

maybe next year the goverment will make a party with the orphans and homeless~~

talking about kohaku~~

i thougth this year really great!!

Tohoshinki performing short version of stand by’s such a emotion^^ very lovely!! to be honest,,i don’t like the end of they perform~~BUT THEY ALWAYS LOVELY!!! ;))

this year,,kohaku break they rule for Jhonny~~usually,they just allowed two group for jhonny’s ~~usually SMAP and TOKIO..

this year,,ther’re 5 Jhonny’s!! SMAP,TOKIO,ARASHI,NYC Boys,AndSnow Prince^^

Arashi’s perform sooooooooooooooooo enjoyable!!! SUTEKIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

they’ve jikoshoukai(introduction) member in beginning~~

then they prform 4 song in medley~~

A.RA.SHI>>Love So sweet>>Happiness>>Believe

they really enjoy that perform!! make a spirit as ussual they do like their concert^^

Ninomiya shout Out “kohaku Choo tanoshiii” LOL

and jun hand shake with judges^^

even they handshake with nakai too..(leader SMAP and MC kohaku)..

i thought Arashi is Nakai’s favorit kohai…LOL *especially Ohno*XDD

if u missed the kohaku..u can watchin’ here:

Watching Dating On Earth Full!!

2 Jan

Okay~~ i love this movie^^

the boy as usual looks sooooooooooooo hawtttt……… *wink*

finally they release~~better late than never^^

since i’m still boycotting SM..i try searching the streaming..LOL

u can watching full here: