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Sunao ni Narenakute pict revealed ^____^

18 Mar

just like my dream before…
JJ in dorama~~~

and the reward my Jurippe neechan and Eita niichan!!!
well..JJ looks soooooo beautiful in this pict!!

and well…
if i’m not wrong…the gut that i marked is SAKAMOTO SHOGO!!!
OMG…my boy~~~LOL
FYI Sakamoto shogo is one of Amuse Ent.~~u can foud his pict in Takeru Sato,Sakurada Dori,etc ameba^__^
what this is?? i called it: BONUS!! LOL
i really wanna watchin’ this dorama!!!

cre:lovely-jj ameba
shared: dee4hero


Jaejoong AnAn..sekushiiiiii na!!!

16 Mar

could i say: AnAn always wants my HUBBY!!
Sho save my heart…and i hope JJ will doin’ the same !!
and yaaaaa...i thought AnAn wanna my Toma too…DAME!!

anddd…i love this magazine!! あげあげyaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..
cre: >>Wallies~~~

going up tension!!xDD and yah!! 2 days troublemaker sales account!

4 Mar

lately my health was not good…>___<
and i really lazy for update my blog…gomen ne!!

I looked forward to this drama!!yeah..Kaibutsu-kun.
Spring drama from SAtoshi ohno (Arashi’s leader)
u can imagine how Ohno wear this outfit!! i CAN’T WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! hehehhee…

and yeah…Sunao ni Narenakute (“Hard to Say I’m Sorry“)
(this trans by japan_now)

Good news for all fans of the Eita (27) and Ueno Juri (24) combo, as their spring dorama on Fuji TV just got confirmed today. It will be called “Sunao ni Narenakute” (could be translated as Hard To Say I’m Sorry) and be based on Twitter.

It will be a fresh story about 5 young men and women who meet each other in Shibuya after getting in contact via the popular social networking tool Twitter and start to develop real friendships with each other. This will mark the 8th time Eita and Ueno are going to appear together in a dorama or movie. Both are enthusiastic about going to play as friends again.

Another reason to anticipate the dorama is the fact that it is going to be produced by the same person who worked behind “Last Friends,” Eita and Ueno’s last encounter on a dorama. “We wanted to create a story about youth that has a new feeling to it and chose a cast that can capture the atmosphere of the current era the best,” he said.

Eita will play the amateur photographer Nakaji who admires his father who used to be a battlefield photographer. He wants to become as great an photographer as his him, but at the same time he is really worried about his father who got changed by the injuries he took home from his job. On the other hand, Ueno will play the young woman Haru who works as a part-time lecturer at a private high school and has to struggle with her own immaturity.

Eita about working together with Ueno for the 8th time, “It’s promising to work with Ueno-san again, because so far it’s her whom I acted the most with in my career so far. We are able to trust each other and I’m going to tackle this challenge with a lot of enthusiasm.” Ueno is looking forward to it as well, “It’s always fun when I get to work together with Eita-san. I’m happy thtat our paths cross each other yet again.”

The script for the dorama was written by Kitagawa Eriko who already wrote the scripts for popular doramas such as “One Million Stars Falling from the Sky,” “Long Vacation,” “Beautiful Life” and so on. It marks her return to the dorama scene after 4 long years. “I think there is going to be a wonderful synergy between our young cast and Kitagawa who can create such poetic lines,” the producer commented.

Seki Megumi (24) and Tamayama Tetsuji (29) will be part of the main cast. Seki became popular with her movie “SAI-REN” and even acted in “Dragonball Evolution,” whether that’s a good thing or not. Tamayama’s last dorama was “BOSS” and he is also going to appear in Fuji TV’s big 50th anniversary dorama “Wagaya no Rekishi.” The rest of the cast includes Kinami Haruka (24), Watanabe Eri (55), Igawa Haruka (33) and Fubuki Jun (57).

Eita just won the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Actor this year and Ueno is going to star in next year’s taiga dorama “Gou.” It’s definitely a great combination and a great chance to see Ueno in a modern story before she becomes NHK’s taiga heroine. Spring just got a sweeter.

The dorama will start on Fuji TV in April and air every Thursday at 10pm.

but because I really liked this couple…i hope they’ve love relationship for real
Jaejoong (my die hard husband ! LOL) will also play a role here!

this Sunao ni Narenakute official page

this thing really MAKE MY DAY!! and…one more thing…
i’m totally a piano addict lately…
i just downloading piano performance by fans of Arashi song…and jajajajaja…
this evening..someone in Arashi Community..upload CD Relaxing Piano-Arashi Collection!!
thnxxx soo much for the uploader..
i really happy right now…xDD

eeeeehhh..i’m forget one thing!! TADAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Arashi new Single TROUBLEMAKER..
sale account
day 1+day 2==== 232,893 + 144,343 = 377,236

aaa..1 hour again is Himitsu no Arashi!!
i’ll watching….jaaa!!