welcome May! many single this month!

3 May

I rewatching some old HnA..
and…i just stuck in this t-shirt~~
like…i ever see this t-shirt in another episode! but…Nino wear that..

and yaa..i remember this post^^ http://mykazunari.com/2010/02/04/ninos-recycled-t-shirt-xd/
Arashi rabu-rabu!! Yayyy…

this from HnA

Junsu Solo~~ Intoxication PV really cool!

he looks mature^^,,and the hairstyle Mirotic-ish^^
i hope the single will be success!!


this month..many release single!! GOING by KAT-TUN KTTUN in 12th May
Then Monster by Arashi in 19th May
and Junsu…kyaaaaaaaa!!
KATTUN KTTUN Preview PV in music.jp CM

they music kinda Arashi-ish lately…and i don’t like that,i like they old style..isn’t like them.

yatttaaaa~~MONSTER preview from Zoom In Super today^^

Nino looks HOT in long hair!! *heart beat*
when I see this PV..O! remind me of Truth PV! ^0^

Sho-chan still HOT though…KYaaaaa!


All Credit Video from the uploader^3^

and credit screencaps is Me^^ Dee4hero~~


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