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Hanamaru Cafe 2010.09.29 Ninomiya Kazunari

29 Sep

I wanna trans all of this show..but,my I still bad in kanji! T______T

so,I ‘ll make a small spoiler…lol

he request hamburger ^__^

like usual..he said he like hamburger^___^
they talking about concert….

and hanamaru album~~~

[photo 1: expensive shopping: electric drum set]

He using this for composing a song..

He said: “I wanted to do band when I was junior high school student. Then I started guitar but, ss I didn’t have any friend. I couldn’t unite a band. Then I play guitar by myself, then base guitar. I did so. It come to play all by myself (laugh). I come to make it by my self. I thought I felt lonely but. as I can make it by my self, I thought this is fine. then I make it by myself. So I think It was good to be Arashi.”

Oh Ninooooo! *hugs* yappari..u have great friends in Arashi! And can play ur music with them! ❤ ❤ and yes..he can play many instrument ne..guitar,piano,bass,etc!! I love his hamburger hand!!!

[photo 2: Game in the car]

yeah…wii in his car! of course for otaku! lol

~Hanamaru docchi?~

Q: are you type of indoor or outdoor on your day off.? A. Indoor Type B. Outdoor Type

N: indoor. One I’m outdoor the topic I talked about won’t work. I’m indoor even days off too. MC: have you challenged outdoor? N: baseball. field baseball I play it. That time I participate. except that I’m almost at home.

O: do you like fishing that you can do by yourself?

N: I have never done but our leader does. as he does and get chewed too much tanned by agency. Since I saw it, I thought I should not do that. (bratty nino!)

Q: do you confess, if you get to like a girl? A.confesses B. not confess

N: A! I confess my love.

Q: do you think about planning. A.believe firmly B. don’t think

He said he’s  last man in the Ninomiya family. So He can end Ninomiya family with his generation. And he want a daughter,if he don’t get a, Ninomiya family will end.LOL!

[photo 3: it’s hard!]

LOL. Yes..he talk about mannequin 5! Well…everytime talking about mannequin 5 all I can see is Sho’s priceless face! LMAO. But, He great in SP! Keio brain!xDD

[photo5: memory]

script book an T-shirt from the staff~

and letter from viewer^^

Q: have you gone dinner with leader? why you want to do with leader?

N: I haven’t. actually we have occasion to have dinner two of us. But never happened with leader. I have been to dinner with, Sho-chan, Jun-kun and Aiba-san. I did it, but never with this guy. I ask “will we have dinner today?” he said  “no, no, I don’t.” the time we end the work and start the work is same,so  if I can go, it means he can. But that guy say doesn’t go,”well maybe next time.” Then I came back home, but actually he went to have drink by him self.

MC: why you don’t have dinner with me? right?

N:he said ” I think I would never go with you rest of my life.”

Nino…u should say “let’s eat together! you can eat all you want! I’ll pay for it all!” hehehehhee


Aiba new drama rumour

27 Sep

Arashi ni Shiyagare rating last week is 18.5 %!!
I wanna downloading….sub video!
aaaahhh…did someone subbed that???
or..I cant wait~~gonna dl/ing raw T__T

and early drama winter rumours:
Date: From 11.00 p.m., Fridays, January 2011
Station: TV Asahi
…Cast: Aiba Masaki

TV Asahi again??? My Girl in TV Asahi too right??

I guessed this before…
this year still ARASHI’s!! 6th single in One year??!!! they wanna hijack Oricon chart too..LOL
and last winter is Sakurai Sho’s season with Tokujo Kabachi…
Spring is Ohno Satoshi’s season with Kaibutsu-kun..
Summer is Matsujun’s season with Natsuniji..
Autumn is Ninomiya Kazunari’s season with “Freeter, Ie wo Kau”..
and I HOPE!!!! next winter is Aiba Masaki’s season!!! yosssssssshaaaaaaaa..
and I hope they will close this year with Kohaku again and Jhonny’s countdown of course! ^__^

well..or GQ men for this year~~~ maybe Nino ^____^
well..this autumn really for Nino!! cant wait OHOKU!!!

Arashi new single for Nino’s autumn drama “Freeter, Ie wo Kau”

27 Sep

As expected! Arashi’s release they 34th single for theme song to Nino’s autumn drama, “Freeter, Ie wo Kau”.
The title of the song is “果てない空”>>”Hatenai Sora” (Limitless sky)

I read this news yesterday..but I’m not sure about what i read..since, that Dear Snow still not release yet!! >,<‘

This is their 6th single this year!!!!

*sigh* J-storm wanna kill me this year! THANKS!
Release date: 10 November 2010
6 days before my 20th birthday

There are 2 versions, Limited and Regular Editions
Limited Edition comes with a DVD
two songs in the LE: Hatenai Sora and Untitled A (will update with the title when it is out). Price: 1500 Yen
The Regular Edition has Hatenai Sora with 3 other new songs (titles not known yet).

Price of RE: 1 260 Yen
1. Hatenai Sora
5. Hatenai Sora (Original Karaoke)
6. UNTITLED B (Original Karaoke)
7. UNTITLED C (Original Karaoke)
8. UNTITLED A (Original Karaoke)

I’ll buy this single…>,<‘ oh my…could I get b’day present before my b’day date????


27 Sep

I’m very tired and super busy lately….T___T

this week~~ I managed my class in University…

and I take a private course of Japan leanguage…

my mother gonna headache..everyday I using Nihongo at home! LOL

and she said…I need a serious sensei and make a conversation with that sensei not with her! ROFL..

aniway…..all of things still OMOSHIROIIIIIIIII!!!!! =D


Billboard Japan Music Award 2010

17 Sep

I love the nominees! yaah..
TVXQ and JYJ!!! ARASHI!!!! yoshaaaa! I wanna Arashi! the reason is: They really great this year!!!!
and many Jhonny’s name here! hoho…this hot 100 Artist as well..
Japan Billboard award Japan Top Pop Artist Nominees

* aiko

* Owl City

* Adam Lambert

* Namie Amuro

* 嵐 (Arashi)

* Ikimono Gakari

* Inaba Hiroshi

* HY

* AKB48



* オリアンティ



* Miliyah

* 関ジャニ∞(エイト) Kanjani ∞ (Eight)

* Kimura Kaela

* GReeeeN

* くるり QURULI

* くるりとユーミン

* Kuwata Keisuke

* Kesha

* Syd

* Shimizu Shota

* Ludacris


* Dragon team from AKB48

* Tokyo Jihen


*Tokunaga Hideaki


*Kana Nishino


*Hamasaki Ayumi

*Hara Yoshiko



*Fukuyama Masaharu



*Houkago Tea Time

*Porno Grafitty

*Matsutouya Yumi

*Nana Mizuki


*Yazawa Nagayoshi

*Yamashita Tomohisa









*Koichi Domoto

The award ceremony will bring together artists of various genres, and give you exclusive live performances. The award ceremony will be awarded to top Billboard JAPAN 1 year chart “Chart category”, and music fans voted “Artist category” consists of.
complete nominees:
JBMA 2010

Skip Beat! Live action..Taiwan Version

14 Sep

This night was amazing!
First, I’m celebrating 11 years Arashi!
and the second:

MY DREAM IS GRANTED!!!!! and the jackpot is DONGHAEEEE!!! OMG!


This is more than I dreamed of!
I just hope someone actually make a live action of my favorite manga.

skip beat!

THIS! (I’m really hyper!) XDD


Donghae >>>> Ren Tsuruga!!!!!!

Shiwon >>>> Shou!!!!

I really cant write how the happiness that I feel now!!!

I hope someday japanese make skip Beat live action too!!!!

Donghae is my no.1 in SUJU!!!! it’s like gift for me!

and I hope this will be TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goo+NTT docomo Polling

13 Sep

read this in KAWAII_JOYUU

and here…….

If you were to run the 24h TV Marathon,
which Johnny talent should await you at the goal line?

01 – (07980) – Other (not listed)

02 – (06292) – Sakurai Sho

03 – (04186) – Ikuta Toma
04 – (04105) – Yamashita Tomohisa
05 – (03473) – Matsumoto Jun
06 – (02834) – Kimura Takuya
07 – (02031) – Okada Junichi
08 – (01416) – Nishikido Ryo
09 – (01227) – Nagase Tomoya
10 – (00859) – Domoto Koichi

my Sho chan! ^________^
if I do marathon, it must him!xDDD