Hanamaru Cafe 2010.09.29 Ninomiya Kazunari

29 Sep

I wanna trans all of this show..but,my I still bad in kanji! T______T

so,I ‘ll make a small spoiler…lol

he request hamburger ^__^

like usual..he said he like hamburger^___^
they talking about concert….

and hanamaru album~~~

[photo 1: expensive shopping: electric drum set]

He using this for composing a song..

He said: “I wanted to do band when I was junior high school student. Then I started guitar but, ss I didn’t have any friend. I couldn’t unite a band. Then I play guitar by myself, then base guitar. I did so. It come to play all by myself (laugh). I come to make it by my self. I thought I felt lonely but. as I can make it by my self, I thought this is fine. then I make it by myself. So I think It was good to be Arashi.”

Oh Ninooooo! *hugs* yappari..u have great friends in Arashi! And can play ur music with them! ❤ ❤ and yes..he can play many instrument ne..guitar,piano,bass,etc!! I love his hamburger hand!!!

[photo 2: Game in the car]

yeah…wii in his car! of course for otaku! lol

~Hanamaru docchi?~

Q: are you type of indoor or outdoor on your day off.? A. Indoor Type B. Outdoor Type

N: indoor. One I’m outdoor the topic I talked about won’t work. I’m indoor even days off too. MC: have you challenged outdoor? N: baseball. field baseball I play it. That time I participate. except that I’m almost at home.

O: do you like fishing that you can do by yourself?

N: I have never done but our leader does. as he does and get chewed too much tanned by agency. Since I saw it, I thought I should not do that. (bratty nino!)

Q: do you confess, if you get to like a girl? A.confesses B. not confess

N: A! I confess my love.

Q: do you think about planning. A.believe firmly B. don’t think

He said he’s  last man in the Ninomiya family. So He can end Ninomiya family with his generation. And he want a daughter,if he don’t get a son..so, Ninomiya family will end.LOL!

[photo 3: it’s hard!]

LOL. Yes..he talk about mannequin 5! Well…everytime talking about mannequin 5 all I can see is Sho’s priceless face! LMAO. But, He great in SP! Keio brain!xDD

[photo5: memory]

script book an T-shirt from the staff~

and letter from viewer^^

Q: have you gone dinner with leader? why you want to do with leader?

N: I haven’t. actually we have occasion to have dinner two of us. But never happened with leader. I have been to dinner with, Sho-chan, Jun-kun and Aiba-san. I did it, but never with this guy. I ask “will we have dinner today?” he said  “no, no, I don’t.” the time we end the work and start the work is same,so  if I can go, it means he can. But that guy say doesn’t go,”well maybe next time.” Then I came back home, but actually he went to have drink by him self.

MC: why you don’t have dinner with me? right?

N:he said ” I think I would never go with you rest of my life.”

Nino…u should say “let’s eat together! you can eat all you want! I’ll pay for it all!” hehehehhee


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