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Arashi will participate in FNS 2010

31 Oct

Fuji TV Large annual music show “FNS Song Festival” this year’s official site was opened, and the cast has been announced and broadcast day.
This year’s “2010FNS Song Festival” is in  Saturday, December 4~ live more than four hours from 07:00 pm. This year Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP) will be MC this program again.

From Jhonny’s this year ‘re Arashi,SMAP,and Kinki Kids.

and another artist: AkB48,Kuraki Mai,Ken Hirai,YUZU,WaT,Koda Kumi,JUJU,and etc. It’s kinda different from last year…
I don’t know why…I feel not interest of this,like last year


it’s really good if JYJ in FNS too this year!! and Nishino Kana too >,<;;
source: FujiTv


Takeru Sato in AnAn cover

29 Oct


AnAn SUPER wanna collected my man!

Sho-chan,Toma,Jaejoong….now my TAKE-PON!!!!


It seems just regular edition..not like Sho’s and Toma’s edition..

whatever Sho’s and Toma really sexy! wkwkwkwkw…NO BITCH WOMAN IN THE SHOOT.

Takepon talk about married life…

he’ll married someday with someone that he loves… it’s me. LOL

aniway..I’m still not okay…T__T

I’m always migrain lately >,<‘ so sick!

(10/10/28) mannequin5 Arashi vs Kanjani8

28 Oct

I’m kinda busy and bit sick `,、’`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、’`,、

so,I’m not update my blog…huhuhu but tonight~~ is HnA~~~ yatta.. mannequin5 Arashi vs Kanjani 8~~

I love eito too!! xDD

watching before this got deleted!

from youtube~~ doragoniryuu’s Channel

credit to doragoniryuu’s Channel



JYJ make my day!

22 Oct

#JYJonTwitter make my day!!!!!
finally they make twitter acc!!! ^_______________^
they always fullfilled my wish! and hope they’ll together in five again!
follow Jejoong mjjeje
follow Yoochun 6002theMicky
follow Junsu 0101xiahtic
my tweets>>>

and then~~

JJ writing japanese^^
thnx JJ! u trying hard write romaji!! XDD
JJ kinda sad today, because Park Yongha’s father passed away…T___T
Park Yongha family must very sad,after his dad…T__T

by the way~~ 23 October is Jhonny Kitagawa b’day~~
President and founder and owner (whatever) Jhonny Entertainment~~
Happy b’day to you oldman! keep success with ur Agency! and LET ME ARASHI MEMBER HAVE TWITTER ACC TOO!!! ONEGAISHIMASU!!! altough riida dont know what’s twitter about! LMAO

Happy 15th Anniversarry Sakurai Sho!

21 Oct

22 October 1995~~~
Sakurai Sho joined Jhonny’s Entertainment….and remained a Johnny’s Jr until November 1999, where he debuted with the rest of Arashi.
Sho is probably most well known for the fact that he was the one who started the trend of rapping in Johnny’s.And He really a honor student from elite family.
He take Keio..from Kindergaten until University..this person sooooo inspirable! I’m really respect to him! *oh my biased* XDD
my beloved rapper-caster !He’s my Ichiban~ DAI ICHIBAN!!!
Sho-chan! I know u really great person~~
maa,move forward with Arashi! DO YOUR BEST!
I’m here…and will always support you with all my love!♥

for celebrating~~ this some his chibi pics….
many Sho-chan’s chibi pict!!! so, I just upload some of them ne….
so…enjoy the pic spam…
baby Sho~~

he really tiny!!! XDDD

Sho with his squirell teeth is WIN!!!! ^___^ kawaiiiiiii no otoko!

thnx for all the best that u give to Arashi^^
please alwys with Arashi ne!! even until 1000 years! ♥

credit pics: I got many of them from tumblr and some blog~
I’m forget who’s post this…so,the credit is for all of u that post this pict.arigato~

嵐~Hatenai Sora (Freeter ver.)

20 Oct


I make the mp3 Hatenai Sora from Freeter^^

can stop playing this~~ and now I’m still at my campus! so bored! LOL

klik here

rating episode 01 Freeter 17,6% ^__^

20 Oct

Freeter episode #1 rating is 17,6%
as expected~~~~ Nino’s drama since Ryuseei no kizuna ne??
Hatenai Sora really good song! I got the LD ^____^ cant wait the release!
and this hatenai sora from Freeter last night..

credit for Uploader

and 03:22 version..