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26 Nov

Happy thanksgiving and happy Ohno day!! πŸ™‚

our riida it’s 30 years old now!! but..he still looks like a 16th y/o boy!!>>> According to my mom. πŸ™‚


Who make me laugh,
Make me smile,
Make me fly,
Make me cry,
…Make me fall down…
Thank’s for everything…

Happy birthday riida……we always love you…..β™₯~

stay always as riida like now…

and last night in twipple….

we trending this~~


by the is Maruyama Ryuhei birthday too…YES. completely Uta no oniisan day!! πŸ™‚

Happy b’day to Maruyama-kun^^


performer’s list of 61th Kohaku 2010

25 Nov

I really had a bad moment!! πŸ˜₯
My allergy was recurrence make itchy and red all over my body! T__T
It’s really bad…

Oh! b/c of this..
I almost forget about 61th Kohaku performers’ list!
this year Kohaku performer is:

(Figures in parentheses is the number of participating)

Total singer is 44~ 22 for red teams and 22 for White teams

    Angela Aki
    Ishikawa Sayuri
    Uemura Kana
    Kawanaka Miyuki
    Koda Kumi
    Godai Natsuko
    Kobayashi Sachiko
    Sakamoto Fuyumi
    Tendou Yoshimi
    Nakamura Mitsuko
    Nishino Kana
    Hamasaki Ayumi
    Hirara Ayaka
    Mizuki Nana
    Mizumori Kaori
    Wada Akiko
    Itsuki Hiroshi
    Kayama Yuuzou
    Kitajima Saburou
    Go Hiromi
    Tokunaga Hideaki
    Hikawa Kiyoshi
    Fukuyama Masaharu
    Hosokawa Takashi
    Mori Shinichi

this officially from nhk
well..No korean artist in the list like the rumour a few days ago..
The new performer who’ll debute in this year Kohaku is:
in red team >>> Uemura Kana, Kumiko, and Nishino Kana
in white team >>> HY and AAA

4 group of Johnny’s talent in this year Kohaku..
Arashi (as MC too) , SMAP, TOKIO, and NYC Boys…
why NYC??? I dont get it….
and some rumour said Arashi will be perform as closing.
huaaaa… and I hate when this will be rating pressure for the boys. 😦
Good luck Arashi!!

Aiba Masaki new drama next season

22 Nov

it’s confirmed..○ヽ(ο½₯oο½₯ヽ)
Aiba will playing live action of Bartender.
from LJ
Aiba will be taking on the main role of Sasakura Ryuu.

Ryuu Sasakura
Ryuu is a genius bartender who helps the people who come into his bar. Although not thoroughly explained at first, Ryuu actually runs the bar by himself, and Eden Hall was his first bar. He worked as an assistant for a senior bartender before he opened Eden Hall, and that gave him the experience he needed to handle the job. In episode 9, it is revealed that Ryuu has in fact made a mistake by serving an incorrect cocktail to a lady, as she requested a different drink afterwards, despite his almost flawless outlook. Due to this, for every year after he opened Eden Hall, Ryuu has reserved that one special night for the woman’s husband, and he was Eden Hall’s first customer. Often, Ryuu maintains his composure and throughout the story, puts on a brave and sincere effort to help the customers who fret and seem disturbed in his bar. He has been shown to handle all sorts of spirits and know most of the history of the drinks he serves. Ryuu is also known to serve the “Glass of the Gods”, and being entitled to this, made Eden Hall a pleasurable venue for customers seeking the menu of their hearts. According to the manga, Ryuu is 26 years old.


huaaaaa…Glass of the Gods Aibaaaaa !!!^^
cant wait!! the poster remind me of Kame’s drama,Kami no Shizuku…wkwkwkwkw
I never read the manga..I hope this drama will be good!
aniway… ALL season drama is ARASHI~~ xDD

credit pitc: shueisha

Arashi’s leader got suprise party from the rest member of Arashi^

21 Nov

according some fans report of Arashi concert tonight in Tokyo Dome..
Today is the 3rd day,the last concert in Tokyo Dome Arashi members gave a surprise party for Riida’s birthday with big cake!the other 4 members said that Riida at an interview said he haven’t celebrated BD at concert. that time they have already decided to do this!!
even they secretly rehearsed for 2 days in order to put up a special item entitled Ashita no Kioku ~ Satoshi no Kioku and prepared a DVD with photos since he was baby until now! Riida was so moved that he barely cried…
Arashi real…………………ly have agood relationship!!!!!!
just seeing 5 of them have fun together..I can feel have fun too!!!!
I hope they still like this until 100 years later!!! XDD hyakunen saki mooooooo


Kohaku International Broadcasting schedule plan

21 Nov

since this week choooo taihen! I dont have time to update my fangirl life.
even…tour in tokyo dome–>> I forgot thiiisssss!!
since my grandmom passed away, I go to another city.
and the signal just 2G!!!!! they dont have 3G! >,<‘
but..even they have 3G, maybe I still dont have mood for fangirl’ing…

I read NHK kohaku blog~~
and they already update about plans of this year kohaku for broadcast abroad like last year..

Here is a current schedule of international broadcasting.
● Television
“NHK World Premium”
December 31 (Fri)
19:30 ~ 21:25,21:30 ~ 23:45 Japan time
January 1 (Saturday)
7:20 – 9:15,9:25 – Japan Time 11:40
β€» in the Europe and North America, Japan, available through television service.

North America
December 31 (Fri)

9:00 Eastern Time
Western Time – 6:00
December 31 (Fri)
21:00 Eastern Time
Western Time ~ 18:00

December 31 (Fri)

10:30 UK time
December 31 (Fri)– 18:00 UK time

● Radio
“NHK World Radio Japan”
December 31 (Fri)
19:30 ~ 21:25,21:30 ~ 23:45 Japan time


source: kohakublog


21 Nov

too many things happens this week!!
I’ve party for my b’day at 16th…then, I’ve big day in 17th..
then my grandma(old sister of my blood grandma) passed away at 18th!
she’s one of grandma who’s really care about me.
so,it’s really sad…
——-deep sorrow——-
she died in Mecca…we cant see her died body. T____T
rest in peace grandma. We Love u.

and for my b’day…
this year I’m 20!! and my b’day still a best b’day this year…
thnx for everyone~~


15 Nov

hisashiburiiii!!! wkwwkwkw
I’m really busy lately Ξ£οΌˆοΏ£β–‘οΏ£οΌ›

maa…I found this in Youtube~~
Mada ue wo english ver.
I love Arashi’s version (not biased)…I enjoyed with Arashi’s version more…xDD
this from Shake it~~ great dancer!!! xDD

credit to uploader