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Arashi in Kohaku really impressive! ^^,

31 Dec

this is last update for me in 2010~
I’m really grateful with my blog stat today!
thanks so much for people who’s read my blog..
I’m spamming about Kohaku and Jhonny’s countdown here sakuraifacts
this year kohaku really’s not biased. But,that I feel…
especially when Arashi sing “Furusato” the special song in this kohaku..
Arashi sing Furusato
Congratulations for Arashi and White Team..they won again this year in Kohaku!
White Team won^^
Arashi really work hard being Kohaku’s MC this year! Otsukare-sama Arashi! I’m really proud of you guys!
they really great entertainer,they can do many thing! I love them more and more..
They sing Kohaku’s SP medley 2010~ Troublemaker and Monster..they use Golden^^
so shining! like them..shining star!^^,
Arashi’s performance in Kohaku
they change costume around 5 times maybe?? but my favorite is,when they use white hakama!
ahh..that costume make me wanna marry them! XDD

and Kaibutsu-kun appeared with his friends!^^, so lovely!
and uta no chikara (kohaku’s song) really great us usual 🙂 uta no chikara
Nao Matsushita playing,Ikimono Gakari’s ‘arigatou’ with piano is my fave’s too in this kohaku…that’s soooo lovely!
so,beautiful…I like her! talented girl…
just waiting someone upload the HQ video! 😀

Arashi still perform for Jhonny’s count down..from NHK..
I like this year JCD..I like the list of the song..
Kanjani8 always funny! they eat sushi on the stage! LOL
and when Jhonny’s sing Love so sweet together,,I like that!
Arashi medley,Truth,Love Rainbow,troublemaker…
but,I didn’t see Toma~~ and Akanishi Jin?!! where Jin??!
ugh…it seems many people forget about Jin..huhuhu..T___T
whatever..this year really spectacular!
I can say,this year still Arashi’s year…I hope in 2011 they more and more popular and got many love from people! stay humble like now…keep the “ARASHI’s soul”..
thanks so much Arashi for this year! I spending great year with u guys!!!

if u wanna see JCD~check this comment or say thanks to her too!

and something really make today so special is JYJ being able to appear for the first time performing on TV after dbsk split~~and Yoochun winning the best newcomer actor award at KBSdrama awards
it’s really make my day~~

everyone!ヽ(✿◕ัˇ◡◕ัˇ) / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!ヽ(◕ัˇ◡◕ัˇ✿)/
keep support Arashi in 2011^^~ and I hope still many people read my blog^^
and give comment~ I just wanna make a friend.. 😀
Bye,2010….Welcome 2011!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~~

cre uploader: really thanks to xuanluxuan@tudou
don’t claim with ur name!


New year time with Arashi^^

31 Dec

I’m watching Kohaku ^^~~

Arashi really georgeous with that white kimono!!!

and KeyholeTV really love me today! 🙂 no lag!

tonight 5 hours with Arashi! 🙂
closing 2010 with amazing Arashi! ^___^

Arigatou ARASHI~~

Happy new year for all people!

Arashi will perform in Jhonny’s countdown this year

31 Dec

according to nikkansports Arashi will perform in Jhonny’s Count down 2010-2011
Arashi who does white team MC of Kohaku song fest, after the Kohaku they appear FujiTV “Johnny’s count down” from NHK in live airing. The countdown is held in Tokyo Dome, this is yearly event of Johnny’s agency, Arashi appeared every year until last year. Last year, first participation to Kohaku, they finished Kohaku 22:40 and dash off to Tokyo dome and did MC. This is exceptional that FujiTV show air in live from NHK, as this is important event for Arashi so NHK tries their best to cooperate.

like I said before,the title of Jhonny countdown this year is “Johnnys Count Down 2010 – 2011: Jump! It’s the Year End LIVE Song Competitoin Which Calls for a Storm in Johnnys!”
so, the STORM must be there ne?? 🙂
I’m really thankful for NHK!!
this 2010 must be perfect closing with this!!! I’m really happy…
Happy new year minna! Let’s enjoy 2011 together!♥♥
thanks for people who’s always reading this blog! 😀

Good luck for our boy!

30 Dec

Arashi really busy with Kohaku’s rehearsal..
Arashi will sing “2010 Kohaku original medley” and was revealed that Arashi will show off a medley of 2 song “Troublemaker” and “Monster”.
according Nikkan Sport updated. Arashi performance time is 5 min, another artist 3 min.
Most of performers rehearsal time was around 10 min and Arashi took 40 min for rehearsal yesterday.
and A-chan (Perfume) dreaming about matsujun! LOL .it’s impact from rehearsal?? 🙂
I can’t wait for this year kohaku!
Arashi really give their effort for this.
I hope they do the best in Kohaku!
regarding about Arashi will not participate in Jhonny’s countdown this year..I haven’t found confirmation news about that..
but,I hope they still performing in JCD.
though that’ s toooooooo rough!!
maybe they will not perfroming in JCD, but who knows Jhonny’s plan?!
it seems in that 31 December they must be ready from 9 am..and until midnight in Kohaku!
so,I don’t wanna looks they sooooo tired that day! huhuhuhu…
and I still didn’t see JCD in their schedule..
arashigoto calendar
today many video about Kohaku! 🙂 and they’re looooks so georgeous! yeah,I’m biased 😀

Sakuraifacts twitter

28 Dec

I just make new acc in twitter,for Sho-chan’s facts ^___^ sakuraifacts
and I need co-admin (who’s live in america is my priority)
if u wanna be the admin just mention to @sakuraifacts or @Dee4hero
thanks so much…and dont forget to follow! ^__^v

Arashi’s 10-11 Tour DVD cover

24 Dec

Arashi’s 10-11 Tour DVD Jacket preview~
I like this than 5×10’s concert DVD jacket.. xDDD

and this year Jhonny’s countdown concert title is:
I hope Arashi will perform in JCD!!!
but..until now~~ JCD still not include in their schedule T__T

source: johnnys-netl

miracle day for miracle boy! ❤ Happy Birthday!!

24 Dec

雅紀BABY,,,28歲Happy Birthday~!


I Love You So Much~!undefined

Dear Aiba-chan,
thanks so much for always making smile in my face….
~ that cheerful personality only belongs to you ~
and that’s cheerful personality never fail to cheer me up!
may God always bless you and bring you happiness and love…
Succes for you and Arashi~
❤ I’ll support and love you! ❤

with ❤

ps: celebrating miracle boy in his miracle day in twitter
dont forget to spam  #miracleboy in ur tweet!! 🙂