Vote “20th yearly drama award 2010” in TVLife

23 Dec

Vote “20th yearly drama award 2010” in TVLife~~
※ deadline is January 5, 2011 (Wed), 23:59.
vote here tvlife
this is vote recomended for japanese or people who’s live in japan…
it seems will be “Arashi-Battle” hohoho…Ohno,Sakurai,Ninomiya,and Matsumoto in the nominee… ichiban is Sho-chan, but..honestly if I must vote..
I’ll vote for Ohno or Nino^^
Ohno in Kaibutsu-kun is briliant!!! and Nino’s freeter is the best~~ long time no see Nino in drama neee??
*since 2008 in ryuseii no mizuna isn’t it??*
huaaa…I’m support ALL of them! *confused* 🙂

and tonight Himitsu no Arashi-chan is MAXIMUM KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!!!
If I need to make some spoiler~~ I’ll post the screenscap later. hohohohoho.
Mana Ashida realllyyyyy kawaiiii!!!! OMG~~~
I hope they’ll invite Kato Seishiro-kun too later!! *it’s HnA going to children bangumi??* hehehhe..


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