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Arashi’s LOTUS cover

31 Jan

ARASHI’s new single Lotus cover is out

umm…this is too simple! I thought the cover will cool like the PV! *disappointed*
I hope Arashi’s staff be more creative! and for the PV too…I hope they do outdor type for PV..>,<‘
well…still can’t wait the full PV for LOTUS! 🙂

and for AU KDDI Android~arashi’s attempt to make a guiness world record is a success!! omedetou arashi!:)
as expected from Arashi~~ last night I’m watching music lover~~ it’s really enjoying! and sooo many au android CM aired! xDD is 31st of January! bye..bye January! and Happy Birthday to Yabu Kota (Hey Say JUMP!) \(^o^)/
wish u all the best! success for you ♥♥


Top 50 ‘sales’ Idols of All-Time

30 Jan

I’m forget to write this thing..LOL

and the end of January! I’m really busy!>.<

Music Station has released their list of the Top 50 Idols of All-Time.The list is based on their sales total(singles + albums). well…how rich Jhonny’s!!!! sugoiii…..
and I hope Arashi can get TOP5 this year!! another one million sales again!! yaiii..Arashi’s fans power just begin!

1.SMAP – 32,310,000 copies sold
2. Seiko Matsuda (松田聖子) – 29,500,000
3. Akina Nakamori (中森明菜) – 25,340,000
4. Kinki Kids – 24,670,000
5. SPEED – 19.530,000
6. Arashi (嵐) – 19,140,000
7. Morning Musume (モーニング娘。) – 16,700,000
8. Momoe Yamaguchi (山口百恵) – 16,220,000
9. Hiromi Go (郷ひろみ) – 15,780,000
10. Kenji Sawada (沢田研二) – 15,700,000
11. THE CHECKERS (チェッカーズ) – 15,380,000
12. Miho Nakayama (中山美穂) – 14,970,000
13. Shizuka Kudo (工藤静香) – 14,870,000
14. Kyoko Koizumi (小泉今日子) – 14,260,000
15. Pink Lady – 13,330,000
16. Hideki Saijo (西城秀樹) – 13,290,000
17. Toshihiko Tahara (田原俊彦) – 12,700,000
18. Masahiko Kondo (近藤真彦) – 12,670,000
19. Hikaru Genji (光GENJI) – 12,220,000
20. Tomomi Kahara (華原朋美) – 12.190.000
21. V6 – 12,120,000
22. Goro Noguchi (野口五郎) – 9,500,000
23. Ami Suzuki (鈴木亜美) – 8,830,000
24. TOKIO – 8,190,000
25. KAT-TUN – 7,660,000
26. Wink – 7,490,000
27. Naoko Kawai (河合奈保子) – 6,530,000
28. Mari Amachi (天地真理) – 5,960,000
29. Hiroko Yakushimaru (薬師丸ひろ子) – 5,850,000
30. Yoko Minamino (南野陽子) – 5,653,000
31. Shonentai (少年隊) – 5,480,000
32. Candies (キャンディーズ) – 5,450,000
33. Shibugakitai (シブがき隊) – 5,430,000
34. Yoko Oginome (荻野目洋子) – 5,380,000
35. Agnes Chan – 4,900,000
36. Minami Saori (南沙織) – 4,750,000
37. Kanjani8 (関ジャニ∞) – 4,570,000
38. Hiromi Ohta (太田裕美) – 4,560,000
39. NEWS – 4,490,000
40. Yoshie Kashiwabara (柏原芳恵) – 4,400,000
41. AKB48 – 4,310,000
42. Momoko Kikuchi – 4,110,000
43. Ryoko Shinohara – 4,050,000
44. W-inds – 3,700,000
45. Finger Five (フィンガー5) – 3,600,000
46. Chiemi Hori (堀ちえみ) – 3,210,000
47. Megumi Asaoka (麻丘めぐみ) – 3,020,000
48. OTOKO GUMI (男闘呼組) – 3,000,000
49. Yui Asaka (浅香唯) – 2,970,000
50. Yu Hayami (早見優) – 2,850,000

Arashi in Android au CM

27 Jan

this really break the record!! XDDD
just download and watching here~~ ARASHI Android_au

and this CM making + wallpaper
all this CM soooo lovely! 😀


26 Jan


today I really busy! T___T I wanna celebrate his b’day!!! T___T
this my bad…huhuhuhu…
I hope u always healthy and be happy forever! many people love and support u Jaejoong oppa..
thanks for everything! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

Today I see Aiba’s new AU CM! Android type…………..I WANT IT SOOO BADLY!!! and tomorrow they will break a records! Arashi always amazing!!! and today they release ~SCENE~ concert DVD.
I REALLY LOVE THIS DVD!!! AMAZING CONCERT..!! expected from Arashi…
I hope someday I’ll see they concert in Japan!! in Kokuritsu as well….T__T
best concert ever!! really BEST ~SCENE~

60 Arashi’s new commercials of AU will be aired on TV tomorrow as the group tries to break three world records!
Sixty versions of their new mobile commercial will go on air tomorrow in attempt to break the following world records: “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast on regular TV within 24 hours”, “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast on one pay-TV channel within 8 hours”, and “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast within one 30-minute TV show”.
The challenge will begin on January 27, with Space Shower TV being the one pay-TV channel, and the “Music Lovers” TV show – to be broadcast on January 30 – to be the one 30-minute show.
It has been reported a special website,, will showcase all 60 commercials from 11am tomorrow, Japan time.

♥..Happy B’day Sakurai Sho..♥

25 Jan

HAPPY 29th B’day SAKURAI SHO~~ ossan XP

He was born at 1:25 on January 25th…^__^


amd the cake…..kinda messy!!! XDD
I try my best… >,<‘

yaaaii..tomorrow is the day! :>

24 Jan

yaiiii~~ 1 day again! and tomorrow~~ tomorrow is Sho’s 29th birthday…..:)
now..I’ll post about Sho-chan’s family..
1st I wanna say really thanks for Sakurai family..they raising a great child like Sho-chan.
Sakurai family is great…they are an elite class family. His family is basically a family of scholars and professionals. no wonder about how great Sho-chan in his school and his carrier 🙂
Sho-chan is oldest son of Sakurai family. He has two younger siblings: a sister who is five years younger, name Sakuraiu Mai and a brother who is thirteen years younger, Sakurai Shu.
the initial name of men in Sakurai family is SS. >> Sakurai Shun his father, his name Sakurai Sho, and his little brother’s name Sakurai Shu.
Sakurai’s children name and meaning^^
Sho= 翔 mean to fly
Mai= 舞 mean dancing
Shu = 修 means to practice and be a master of something…

Sho-chan’s father Sakurai Shun graduated from Faculty of Law, the University of Tokyo ( some people said Sho-chan’s dad graduated also in Keio. But he pursued his college degree at Todai). He work in Ministry of Internal affairs and communications (MIC)

1977 Entered the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT)
1995 Director, Tariff Division, Telecommunications Business Department, Telecommunications Bureau (MPT)
1997 Director, Telecommunications Policy, Telecommunications Business Department, Telecommunications Bureau (MPT)
1999 Director, Policy Division, Communications Policy Bureau (MPT)
2001 Director, General Policy Division, Information and Communications Policy Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Telecommunications, JAPAN (MIC)
2001 Director, General Affairs Division, Information and Communications Policy Bureau (MIC)
2002 Counselor of the Minister’s Secretariat (MIC)
2003 Director of the Secretariat Division, Minister’s Secretariat (MIC)
2004 Deputy Director-General Information and Communications Policy
Minister’s Secretariat (MIC)
2004 Deputy Director-General for IT Strategy Commerce and Information
Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
2005 Director-General of Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau
2006 Director-General of the Telecommunications Business Department,
Telecommunications Bureau (MIC)
2007 Director-General for Policy Coordination (MIC)
2010 Director- General, Telecommunications Bureau, (MIC)

Sakurai Mai, Sho’s little sister born in 1986.

She graduated from Seijo University. In April 2009, he joined the NTV and do Job training as a general reporter. Besides as a reporter on the evening news program since 2010, she was appointed Justice of the club in October, in charge of the Internal Revenue Service and District Public Prosecutors Office in Tokyo. wikipedia

Kinda difficult search about his mother a.k.a my mother in law and his little brother Shu.
I don’t know his mother’s name >,<‘ many of them said his mother is a college English Literature teacher~

and Shu~~ I just have his childhood pict~~

my impression of Shu is : Kakkoiiiiii-cool boy! XDD. there’s people said Shu a rugby athlete in his school..??
this some story about shu~ Source: Sho-chan’s otonoha^^

Father (in the driver’s seat): “This ‘soon’ business is too hard. I’d prefer it to just say ‘here’.”
Younger brother (in the back seat): “The car navi just doesn’t want to be held responsible.”
Brilliant!! That’s my bro!!
The unlikely personification of the car navi!!
He saw things from the car navi’s point of view!!
We don’t worry about the “soon” thing anymore. (otonoha vol.02)


I should get my brother to wash my back for me.
Big Brother (to younger brother) : ‘Hey we should go bathe together once in a while! Can you wash my back for me! Let’s take this chance to bathe together naked!’
Younger brother : ‘When I finish this report, ok?’
Big Brother : ‘Yes’
Let’s !! Compulsory Education!!
It seemed like he was going to take a long time, so I went into the bath first.
When I was washing my body, the door opened.
And there stood my brother with his pants rolled up to his knees.
Younger brother : ‘Ok I’m washing your back~~’
That is too simple!!!
What happened to the ‘naked interaction’ between older brother and younger brother!
Well, i guess he’s a busy person.
Do your best on your report, OK? (otonoha vol 08)

I went on a holiday with my family.
When we were driving on the road, we saw a lot of cows
When we saw the cows, my brother said this one phrase: ‘Ah….. Ushishi 4…’
…. Oi.
(referring to his brother) : “You called them ‘Iro-otoko’? (ie This year’s hot guys??)
well, Sakurai-kun, (refering to his brother, not him), they are called ‘toshi-otoko’ (guys who are born in a year with the same sign of the Chinese zodiac as the current year ).”
This is an unprecedented event.
This idiot.
My brother.
(otonoha vol.21)

I can’t guaranted this 100% true. Don’t repost my blog,u can share the link. thanks^^~~

Sakurai family…arigatou ne! Sho-chan can’t be like now without all of you~~ Can’t wait celebrating the daaaaay! 😀

2 days again…

23 Jan

can’t stop coaghing! OMG….
my throat really sick!!! Shooooo-chaaaaaaannnn 2 days again ur b’day!
I need get well soon!!