5 days again^^ his climax for mannequin5

20 Jan

5 days again to Sho-chan’s 29 b’day~~

we all know…his “FAILED” story in a corner of Himitsu no Arashi called mannequin 5..
his a legend for this corner ne??!! LOL
the unforgetable one is his Fashion leader of double parka LMAO.
he have many record of failed in mannequin5~~
so,today HnA is his episode! LOL a punishment for him…LOL yeah..I can’t stop laughing in this episode.
since this episode is a climax for his failure corner! LOL
watch here credit to yiyishuni@tudou
well…Verbal-san’s like is noy suit with him!! LOL..
even…he try his best for Lady’s gaga style…ROFLOL.
and many weird stuff..this cheese hat’s price is 12.090 yen >,<‘

so…next week in VIP ROOM he will using this costume~

with the guest Yoshitaka Yoritaka…what a lucky girl!! hahaha..I love her though.

I’m kinda relieved he not using this..

can’t wait for next week! an episode for a legend of mannequin5!! ROFLOL
his failed is one reason why I love him sooooo much! he failed in this corner…
SOOOO LOVELY PERSON! As expected from Keioboy!! LOL

today episode of VIP Room is ‘Yankumi’ Nakama Yukie…
I correctly guessed of her favorite member^^v
she’s good in magic too^^
and another “fishing” episode for Oh-chan here…love this episode!


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