About Dee4hero

My name is Furina (フリナ),this is spelling in japan Ianguage
But a lot of my friends call me with Nadya or Dee or (at the discretion of all of you..^__^)
I’m a student of college,my major in mass communication~ I’m just an ordinary girls in random,kindly,sometimes cute,heheehheee..
I love tohoshinki sooooo MUCH!!! For me,they really have a package as artist!! They have SUGOI ability to sing,dance and also they really kakkkoooiiiiii!!! Looks I’m too obsessed with them! ROFL,butIT’S ALL OUT OF LOVE!!!
My soulmate is the ichiban Hero Youngwoung Jaejoong!!!*faints* I’m a fangirl of Johnny’s boys too..especially ARASHI love their song!! All Arashi concert ALWAYS MAKE ME GOOSEBUMP!!

Minna-san.. Hontouni gomen with very bad English from me.. ありがとございます!


2 Responses to “About Dee4hero”

  1. Shii January 4, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Hi there… your username looks familiar to me… I think we “met” somewhere in Aibakaland =P Nice to meet you (again) in wordpress ^^

    • dee4hero January 5, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

      hi! nice to know u~~
      I’m everywhere.. 🙂 and yes..I’m in aibakaland too^^

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