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Arashi Announces Charity Events and Beautiful World Tour

19 May

I’m back!! XDD

hisashiburiiiiiii neeeeeeeeeee!!!!

well…I’m really busy this year, but I keep update my Tumblr though…^^

I miss this blog! 🙂 and many thing today that make me mecchaaaaaaaa ureshi!!!

Arashi has announced that they will hold charity events at Tokyo Dome on June 24-26. The members were originally planning to kick off their nationwide tour with those dates, but after the Tohoku earthquake in March, they initially considered canceling the concerts. Instead, they decided in April to turn the concerts into these charity events.

The events will have a school theme, and the five members of Arashi will be serving as teachers. They will each prepare an educational project that can be enjoyed together with their fans, though the specific contents have not yet been decided. It is reported that they currently do not plan to perform any songs during the events.

A total of five events will be held – one on June 24, and two each on June 25 and 26. They will each last about 90 minutes. Since the fans will be limited to the stands, a seated capacity of 45,000 is available for each show, for a possible total audience of 225,000. Part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

On July 6, the group will release a new album titled “Beautiful World.” Member Matsumoto Jun stated that they chose the title to reflect their thoughts about how things will turn out since the earthquake. The track list is currently undecided, but it is said that at least one of the new songs has a techno-like element.

In conjunction with the album, they are planning their nationwide tour under the same name, which will take them to 5 different venues for 11 concerts. They will start at Osaka Dome on July 24 and continue their tour until September, then they will resume the tour in January 2012.

The venues include four of the five major domes (excluding Tokyo Dome) and the National Olympic Stadium. This will be their 4th consecutive year performing at the National Olympic Stadium, and Matsumoto declared that they are considering implementing some stage mechanisms that have never been seen before.

Arashi also announced that on June 30, they will release a pocket-sized version of their book “Nippon no Arashi,” which was originally distributed to 40,000 schools last year. The new version will cost 1,050 yen, and all of the revenue will be given to charity.

English trans by :tokyograph
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it’s really great! their 4th consecutive in Kokuritsu!!

about the tour schedule: will star in July-January 2012

 June is “Charity Eventin Tokyo Dome”, so not technically a “Beautiful World” concert.

This charity will held:

  • 6/24 Fri 17:00
  • 6/25 Sat. 11:00 / 17:00
  • 6/26 11:00/ 17:00

Then the “Beautiful World” concert starts in

  •  Kyosera Dome Osaka :  (7/24 Sun 16:00)
  • then Sapporo Dome : (7/30 Sat 18:00 & 7/21 Sun.16:00)
  • Kokuritsu (National Stadium) : (9/2 Fri 17:30) & (9/3 Sat 17:30 )
  • Osaka again in Kyosera Dome Osaka : (1/3 Tue 18:00) & (1/4 Wed 16:00)
  • Nagoya Dome : ( 1/7 Sat 18:00) &  (1/8 Sun 16:00)
  •  and final concerts at Fukuoka again in Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome : (1/14 Sat 18:00 & 1/15 Sun 16:00)

still….many good things^^

3 Mar

today is kinda bad day…I’m crying. many sad things if heart broken!

but, God always love us….

Today there’re many good things too^^.

1. Johnny’s web updated the video of ARASHI’s new single LOTUS special message.^___^

check their web 😀 I don’t wanna linking…it seems linking not allowed~

Jhonny’s really kind lately! now..u can see photo of JE artist in all their profile!

2. Vs Arashi guest Miura Haruma ❤ ❤ finally! one of my wishessss..

here if u want watching this~~

aiba looks hot lately^^~ aibartender ❤

Miura Haruma is Vs Arashi ‘lover’~~ he really like this TV show!! oh~~ harumacchi! I love u moreeee and moreee! XD

3. 3rd Mannequin 5 SP voting from 3/7-3/11. On-air date is 3/11. there’s online voting too! soooo maybe we can vote too minna^^~ source: himitsu no Arashi-chan
I hope Jun not no.5 now~~~~!!! poor junjun^^~ but I don’t wanna Sho-chan in no.5 too!! *pray* XDD


19 Feb

yattaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I LOVE this PV because bias.

Honestly I got bored with their PV >,<‘ could they make something different??? like outdoor type or drama type again??

but..yeah. THEY LOOKS AWESOME IN WHITE. hhha..but.. I REALLY  NEED THE MAKING PV!! Da*n JE! >,<‘

credit YT uploader: loli8915453

copirighted belong to Jhonny Ent.


Aibartender ^__^

12 Feb

it seems I’m gonna ignoring this blog 😦 I’m bit busy in my campus now..
Taihen desu!! >,<‘
but, I trying my best to keep my fangirl life! 🙂
and another reason is:
Lately I’m concern into Bartender! (Aiba-chan’s drama)
this bartender success captured my heart!

I read the manga and just finished the anime 🙂
but…I love the drama than manga and anime!!! 🙂 it’s b/c Aiba of course! xDD
I love his chemistry with Kanjiya Shihori ^___^
they looks cute together! and last night in episode 2..Miwa (Kanjiya Shihori’s role) got jealous..
I love that scene 🙂
I hope many doki-doki scene between Aiba-chan and Kanjiya Shihori.. 🙂
minna, don’t forget to see Bartender,every friday 11.15 pm~~ @Asahi TV

in anime~~ episode 7..there’s a scene Miwa take care oh Ryu when he got a fever..

I hope in drama too,but more romantic and least kissing scene lol

hwaaaaa…I need a fanfic about this couple!! if someone now where I can get that..please tell me! 🙂

aniway, Congratulation for Kis-My-Ft2, for their CD debut in this May! Finally guys!! 🙂

ps: just realized that too many smile emoticon! lol

Sakurai Sho’s new drama rumour

7 Feb

well..I’m really busy this time!!’s life!!! I’m strugling with those thing now T___T
many thing that I wanna share here…but lately,I’m addict to tumblr
even busy~~ I can rebloging 😉 and that really interesting! 😀
and Sho-chan’s new drama rumour~~
Title: TBA
Date: Sundays, April 2011
Time: From 9.00 p.m.
Station: Fuji TV
Cast: Sakurai Sho, Ito Hideaki, Sasaki Nozomi, Matsukata Hiroki

umm..sasaki nozomi…yes,she’s beautiful,can’t sing well and her impression of AIba-chan in HnA VIP room is “saru-ppoi”. 😦
she’s recently has a rumour with Shun Oguri..I prefer yamada yuu than her for Shun!! 🙂
*opppsss..I’m gossip girl now??!!* xDD
I’m waiting this! and I hope Sho-chan will be guest in Bartender..’ll be 2nd time for Sho-chan in Aiba’s drama 🙂
yep, SAKURAIBA really exist! :))



Arashi’s LOTUS cover

31 Jan

ARASHI’s new single Lotus cover is out

umm…this is too simple! I thought the cover will cool like the PV! *disappointed*
I hope Arashi’s staff be more creative! and for the PV too…I hope they do outdor type for PV..>,<‘
well…still can’t wait the full PV for LOTUS! 🙂

and for AU KDDI Android~arashi’s attempt to make a guiness world record is a success!! omedetou arashi!:)
as expected from Arashi~~ last night I’m watching music lover~~ it’s really enjoying! and sooo many au android CM aired! xDD is 31st of January! bye..bye January! and Happy Birthday to Yabu Kota (Hey Say JUMP!) \(^o^)/
wish u all the best! success for you ♥♥

Top 50 ‘sales’ Idols of All-Time

30 Jan

I’m forget to write this thing..LOL

and the end of January! I’m really busy!>.<

Music Station has released their list of the Top 50 Idols of All-Time.The list is based on their sales total(singles + albums). well…how rich Jhonny’s!!!! sugoiii…..
and I hope Arashi can get TOP5 this year!! another one million sales again!! yaiii..Arashi’s fans power just begin!

1.SMAP – 32,310,000 copies sold
2. Seiko Matsuda (松田聖子) – 29,500,000
3. Akina Nakamori (中森明菜) – 25,340,000
4. Kinki Kids – 24,670,000
5. SPEED – 19.530,000
6. Arashi (嵐) – 19,140,000
7. Morning Musume (モーニング娘。) – 16,700,000
8. Momoe Yamaguchi (山口百恵) – 16,220,000
9. Hiromi Go (郷ひろみ) – 15,780,000
10. Kenji Sawada (沢田研二) – 15,700,000
11. THE CHECKERS (チェッカーズ) – 15,380,000
12. Miho Nakayama (中山美穂) – 14,970,000
13. Shizuka Kudo (工藤静香) – 14,870,000
14. Kyoko Koizumi (小泉今日子) – 14,260,000
15. Pink Lady – 13,330,000
16. Hideki Saijo (西城秀樹) – 13,290,000
17. Toshihiko Tahara (田原俊彦) – 12,700,000
18. Masahiko Kondo (近藤真彦) – 12,670,000
19. Hikaru Genji (光GENJI) – 12,220,000
20. Tomomi Kahara (華原朋美) – 12.190.000
21. V6 – 12,120,000
22. Goro Noguchi (野口五郎) – 9,500,000
23. Ami Suzuki (鈴木亜美) – 8,830,000
24. TOKIO – 8,190,000
25. KAT-TUN – 7,660,000
26. Wink – 7,490,000
27. Naoko Kawai (河合奈保子) – 6,530,000
28. Mari Amachi (天地真理) – 5,960,000
29. Hiroko Yakushimaru (薬師丸ひろ子) – 5,850,000
30. Yoko Minamino (南野陽子) – 5,653,000
31. Shonentai (少年隊) – 5,480,000
32. Candies (キャンディーズ) – 5,450,000
33. Shibugakitai (シブがき隊) – 5,430,000
34. Yoko Oginome (荻野目洋子) – 5,380,000
35. Agnes Chan – 4,900,000
36. Minami Saori (南沙織) – 4,750,000
37. Kanjani8 (関ジャニ∞) – 4,570,000
38. Hiromi Ohta (太田裕美) – 4,560,000
39. NEWS – 4,490,000
40. Yoshie Kashiwabara (柏原芳恵) – 4,400,000
41. AKB48 – 4,310,000
42. Momoko Kikuchi – 4,110,000
43. Ryoko Shinohara – 4,050,000
44. W-inds – 3,700,000
45. Finger Five (フィンガー5) – 3,600,000
46. Chiemi Hori (堀ちえみ) – 3,210,000
47. Megumi Asaoka (麻丘めぐみ) – 3,020,000
48. OTOKO GUMI (男闘呼組) – 3,000,000
49. Yui Asaka (浅香唯) – 2,970,000
50. Yu Hayami (早見優) – 2,850,000