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2009/07/30- Osamu Mukai’s Blog

30 Jul

yosh!!! dia update blogna lagiii^^

setelah nonton atashinci~~gw jadi demen bgd ama dia..

2009-07-30 19:19:10
☆ photographer

If this is an an冥of sand was taken by a photographer who has ★

I pause here and say … Why not a separate relationship weird!
It’s what I was shooting models and I really like this pose to
Brunet is nostalgic for me!

Well, tonight at 20, it’s two times Spica.
The last two did not speak out, the last time I’ll Cast ☆
Kiryu are the future of our study and the main character ASUMI.

Yes, I懐KASHIKATTA the house I came back from a week’s swing in Niigata.
Yesterday, was taken two days ago was very hard! Muscle pain all over.

I thank everyone who worked hard to end the extra in a hard shot and I ★
It is straightforward when I気持CHIYOKATTA! Should撮RETA a great scene!


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2009-07-29 Latest Info from osamu labo ^___^

29 Jul

Latest information (7 / 29 with)
I keep you waiting! ! Further new information! !
会EMASU sense! ! And even shook hands! !

1st Photos “²ラ カSystem” (8 / 27 release) release of hands
Date: Sunday, August 30 12:00 —
Location: Ginza store Bookstores福家
Details ↓

Talk about live Mukai Osamu

This time, OSAMU MUKAI Talk Live, Thank you for your reservation.
厳正NARU lottery results, to win everyone of us has been elected

We will report our process.

Everyone, thank you very much apply.
His staff, we are deeply grateful.
Thank you enough for your support and Mukai Osamu.
※ future with regard to the case of cancellation due to unavoidable reasons like the winner in the lottery again after you have received the application, please acknowledge it in advance so we may contact you.
※ Notes for

And time to contact was re-elected by lot of time and re-draw is not always so Sorry, I can not even answer our inquiries.

Horipro Inc. (HORIPRO.INC) OSAMU MUKAI Talk Live, The Ticket Office
TEL :03-5434-9529 Hours: 17:00 ~ 19:00 (weekdays only)

★ ★ Cast Information

Thursday 20:00 “Two Spica” Cast!

Thursday 22:00 CX “任侠helper” (① story)

Journal Information ★ ★

7 / 23 “¼ ¼ュュ”

7 / 24 “½ °マNo”

7 / 3 to “Yomiuri Shimbun” series 始RIMASHITA Evening! !

NEW 7 / 29 “ANAN” under cover graphics

NEW 7 / 31 “Yomiuri Shimbun evening edition series” Footsteps of Mukai Osamu “Vol2

NEW 8 / 1 “Seventeen”

NEW 8 / 6 “Cher” mook

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[Blog] Osamu Labo-2009-07-27

29 Jul

2009-07-27 11:08:15

an an ☆


Is released today ☆

This is the blog I wrote last Sunday’s shooting is the thing that’s shocking!
No way to do it and I never thought I was, I surprised even myself.

But the photographer and I had started, I had a great ♪ easier at the end I want to shoot more in was swift.
This sensation is felt in the photo shoot!

Say it is one of this project was warm ★

Recently, a strong feeling that the image of Buddhist壊SOU now, you get all the voice in such good timing that I am happy ☆

BeeTV accidental fire and is so, I get really脱I wildly recently.
Oh, shirtless day today …


gw uda mikir kalo rambutnya bakalan di putihin lagiiiii!!

secara peran dia sebagai Taira di BCK kan putih!!

makin ga sabar nungguin BECK!!! hehheehheeee…

umm..anan mags dia uda rilis yah~~

gw nyari scan’annya dulu deh!!


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[Blog] 2009-07-29-Daigo BREAKERZ

29 Jul

he’s update his blog everytime!! LOL..

dalam sehari bisa brp kali gtu..hehehheeeee…

2009-07-29 11:37:00



You to eat her sweet bun PIKO

ISSHU hard dance today ♪

I will put willpower!

Oh Good!

How can you look to?


2009-07-29 11:06:09


I’m coming to Alta!

To make today

SUU will take action.

In today’s

For me

Is an important day!

Tension rises TERUU now!



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