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Oricon yearly ranking albums

20 Dec

I’m sick this week..
I’ve high fever –_–‘
I dont go to campus too..T__T
and today I got bad flu.
cant update my blog…..huhuhhhhhu..

2010 Oricon Yearly Ranking : Albums

1. “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” – Arashi : (1,053,064)
2. “Ikimonobakari~members’ BEST selection~” – Ikimonogakari : (906,756)
3. “to LOVE” – Nishino Kana : (645,417)
5. “SENSE” – Mr.Children : (597,212)
6. “PAST<FUTURE” – Amuro Namie : (574,525)
7. “BEST SELECTION 2010″ – Tohoshinki : (569,530)
8. “Hajimari no Uta” – Ikimonogakari : (560,931)
9. “THE BEST BANG!!” – Fukuyama Masaharu : (544,260)
10. “5years” – Kimura Kaela : (469,028)
11. “FANTSY” – EXILE : (466,701)
12. “Kamikyoku-tachi” – AKB48 : (441,328)
13. “Request” – JUJU : (423,230)
14. “THE FAME MONSTER” – LADY GAGA : (406,502)
15. “VOCALIST 4″ – Tokunaga Hideaki : (398,302)
16. “Aisubeki Mirai e” – EXILE : (394,191)
17. “ALL COVERS BEST” – Kobukuro : (386,706)
18. “BEST~third universe~ & 8th AL ‘UNIVERSE’ “ – Koda Kumi : (371,590)
19. “All the BEST! 1999-2009″ – Arashi : (342,743)
20. “Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION Vol.2″ – Utada Hikaru : (334,348)

Arashi really great with their loyal fans! ^___^
and I’m really happy..I’m part of them and make it that 1,053,064 k sales! woot.
and TVXQ..I’m glad they in chart too! no.7! the one and only foreigner in Top 10 rank! *and I’m the part of that sales too* xDD
and something that make me really proud is:
19. “All the BEST! 1999-2009″ – Arashi : (342,743)
this album release in 2009!! and still can make it in TOP 20!!! how great ARASHI!!! 🙂
as of August 2010, the album has sold a total of around 1,729,000 copies,I wonder this album will break 2.000.000 copies!!! wow!

‘top 5′ artists with the highest record of sales
1. ARASHI– ¥17.163 billion/¥17,163,000,000 (approximately $204,321,424)
2. Tohoshinki – ¥9.431 billion/¥9,431,000,000 (approximately $112,273,808)
3. AKB48 – ¥7.092 billion/¥7,092,000,000 (approximately $84,408,472)
4. EXILE – ¥6.015 billion/¥6,015,000,000 (approximately $71,590,096)
5. Ikimonogakari – ¥5.618 billion/¥5,618,000,000 (approximately $66,865,032)

okay~~ ARASHI sales! their no.1 money mechine for Jhonny Entertainment now!
I’m really happy for TVXQ!! without promotion and yeah..BIGEAST and CASSIOPEIA is a loyal fans in the world!
but,with this money~~ it just for SM?! huh..whatever.


Tohoshinki or HoMin new single…

3 Dec

in Jaejoong’s fake birthday o.O

release date plan~26 Januari 2011
It will be released in a CD-only (1000yen) and a CD+DVD edition (1800yen).
It will contain a total of four tracks, and is still untitled.
CD Japan
well…avex, I need 5 of them in Tohoshinki!! >,<'

but…still happy,can se HoMin's face in CD single

JYJ make my day!

22 Oct

#JYJonTwitter make my day!!!!!
finally they make twitter acc!!! ^_______________^
they always fullfilled my wish! and hope they’ll together in five again!
follow Jejoong mjjeje
follow Yoochun 6002theMicky
follow Junsu 0101xiahtic
my tweets>>>

and then~~

JJ writing japanese^^
thnx JJ! u trying hard write romaji!! XDD
JJ kinda sad today, because Park Yongha’s father passed away…T___T
Park Yongha family must very sad,after his dad…T__T

by the way~~ 23 October is Jhonny Kitagawa b’day~~
President and founder and owner (whatever) Jhonny Entertainment~~
Happy b’day to you oldman! keep success with ur Agency! and LET ME ARASHI MEMBER HAVE TWITTER ACC TOO!!! ONEGAISHIMASU!!! altough riida dont know what’s twitter about! LMAO

Billboard Japan Music Award 2010

17 Sep

I love the nominees! yaah..
TVXQ and JYJ!!! ARASHI!!!! yoshaaaa! I wanna Arashi! the reason is: They really great this year!!!!
and many Jhonny’s name here! hoho…this hot 100 Artist as well..
Japan Billboard award Japan Top Pop Artist Nominees

* aiko

* Owl City

* Adam Lambert

* Namie Amuro

* 嵐 (Arashi)

* Ikimono Gakari

* Inaba Hiroshi

* HY

* AKB48



* オリアンティ



* Miliyah

* 関ジャニ∞(エイト) Kanjani ∞ (Eight)

* Kimura Kaela

* GReeeeN

* くるり QURULI

* くるりとユーミン

* Kuwata Keisuke

* Kesha

* Syd

* Shimizu Shota

* Ludacris


* Dragon team from AKB48

* Tokyo Jihen


*Tokunaga Hideaki


*Kana Nishino


*Hamasaki Ayumi

*Hara Yoshiko



*Fukuyama Masaharu



*Houkago Tea Time

*Porno Grafitty

*Matsutouya Yumi

*Nana Mizuki


*Yazawa Nagayoshi

*Yamashita Tomohisa









*Koichi Domoto

The award ceremony will bring together artists of various genres, and give you exclusive live performances. The award ceremony will be awarded to top Billboard JAPAN 1 year chart “Chart category”, and music fans voted “Artist category” consists of.
complete nominees:
JBMA 2010

can’t stop Chajatta!!!

31 Aug


I just watching this..yup..I missed 1st episode yesterday! and I can’t stop hearibg this song!!! omooooooooooonaaaa!

I can’t tell how much I miss JJ’s voice with korean song!!!!

I just repeat…repeat..and keep repeat this!! ahahaha..

so..this is my ringtone now =)) I ripped that..

so..if u wanna too..


I’ll really busy in this week!! I’ve event that must I managed…

今日は本当に疲れた! しかし、私は新しい服を得た。hehehe ^____^

I can;t walking legs choooo itaiiiii!! >,<‘

ano…Welcome September!!!!

everyone…more Ganbatte ne!!! \(^_^)/

Arashi new single..another cry for my wallet *pats*

25 Aug


Arashi’s new single “Dear Snow” will be released on 6th October..

OK> this thing=make me bankrupt!!!!!!

well…in 7th July they Release single “To Be Free”–>> 4th August they release 9th Album “Boku no Mirai Fukei”–>> OK. NEXT 8th September they release new single “Love Rainbow”

Even Love Rainbow not release yet..they already wanna release new Single AGAIN. I’m DONE. I just a poor girl now! this month I spent my money for their concert tour!! OMG!!!! I wanna cry!!Everything☆嵐-image5.gif

Next single “Dear Snow” is for Ninomiya Kazunari movie theme….”OHOKU” and this single will be they 5th single in 2010. I hope this single will be another +500K sales for Arashi. This year still for them…They really humble! even they no.1 now in Japan…they still “ARASHI THAT I KNOW”..if something change~ I just see their spirit,their confident..

yep. like they said “Arashi change without change” . GO ARASHI!!

Dear Snow(初回限定盤) (Limited Edition)
価格: 1,155
M1. Dear Snow(映画「大奥」主題歌)
Dear Snow(ビデオ・クリップ)

Dear Snow(通常盤) (Regular Edition)
価格: 1,000
【CD 収録曲】<2曲+オリジナル・カラオケ2曲>
M1. Dear Snow(映画「大奥」主題歌)
M2.タイトル未定 (Untitled)
M3. Dear Snow(オリジナル・カラオケ -Original Karaoke)
M4.タイトル未定(オリジナル・カラオケ -Original Karaoke)

can Pre-order this single in : CD Japan



There will be 2 versions ~LE & RE.

LE version will include the PV of Dear Snow and RE version include 2 tracks with a new coupling songs and their instrumental versions!!!!


J&A sure wanna killing me softly!

and there’s something that wanna my money!! >,<‘

or maybe I’ll ignore this  .


25 Aug

might be remove soon ): well…

just watching if u get it…XDD

JJ MC part

cre: TvxqPowerfulGodsO