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4 days again…

21 Jan

actuallyĀ I just posting for 19 and 20 january post.
I was sick..even can’t waked up from my bed since wednesday. T___T
and now…I already can sit.
I got super high fever…until I can’t hear a voice from my left ear!!
but now,my fever already down…(just a little)
I don’t wanna sick in Sho-chan’s special day! huhuhu..
and Jaejoong’s special day in 26!!! and ~SCENE~ DVD too!!
too many good things that need celebrating! T___T
I must get well soon!!!Ā I ate nothing..and my body really weak. šŸ˜„

Sho-chan..if u here,I’ll give u a place for eat and maybe u can make me eat too…huhuhu..
oh..not maybe! but u definitely make me eat! šŸ˜›
I wish get well soon! >,<‘


this week really GANTZ era! I hope I can watching GATNZ soon!

someone post this in FB~ GANTZ premier fancam Nino’s englis is love^^v

credit to Karman6080T@YT


Taihen!! >,<'

7 Dec

ļ¼ˆļ¼žäŗŗļ¼œ*ļ¼‰ I’ve fever today!
and I’ve many assignment!!!!!!!!!!! ;(
but…2 things make me happy today!
1. Indonesia beat up thailand! 2:1 in AFF cup.
2. Jun’s new hairstyle go public~yeah!!!!
I love this style….


21 Nov

too many things happens this week!!
I’ve party for my b’day at 16th…then, I’ve big day in 17th..
then my grandma(old sister of my blood grandma) passed away at 18th!
she’s one of grandma who’s really care about me.
so,it’s really sad…
——-deep sorrow——-
she died in Mecca…we cant see her died body. T____T
rest in peace grandma. We Love u.

and for my b’day…
this year I’m 20!! and my b’day still a best b’day this year…
thnx for everyone~~

Arashi’s autumn issues FC booklet cover wļ¼ˆļ¼ļ½–ļ¼ļ¼‰w

1 Nov

this is Arashi’s autumnĀ  issues FC booklet #50 cover

their concert in KOKURITSU~~

soooooo beautiful!!! with green penlight…

I really can’t wait the DVD Tour 10-11 kimi to boku no mirai fukeii DVD!!!! ļ¼ˆļ¼ļ½–ļ¼ļ¼‰y


Welcome November!

1 Nov

Welcome November! ^^
many thing in november~~
11 years debute(CD) Arashi…30th b’day “Leader” Ohchan!etc..
and yea…my b’day too!! wkwkwkwk..
my exam is in november as well! T___T

hope many things really good in this month!! and for Indonesia~
hopefully no more natural disasters, or other bad things to this earth.
okay~~ in this 1st november…good start with Ayyy Girl PV ..and Ayyy Girl Trending in twitter too!
Keep The Faith tattoo in this PV is so ajfkbktyi%^&*(@$##%%^&*&(!!!!!!!

credit to uploader


19 Oct

I’m really busy lately…and when I wanna wrote in this blog..

I feel bored >,<‘

so, I change the themed…and make an instan banner! LOL~~

just simple neeee…..

but I fell better now^^

I hope many people can support me in this blog! and I want to be your friend as well!!

I hope more people will comment in my blog~~

so, we can now each other..

ā™„ Yoroshiku!!! ā™„



27 Sep

I’m very tired and super busy lately….T___T

this week~~ I managed my class in University…

and I take a private course of Japan leanguage…

my mother gonna headache..everyday I using Nihongo at home! LOL

and she said…I need a serious sensei and make a conversation with that sensei not with her! ROFL..

aniway…..all of things still OMOSHIROIIIIIIIII!!!!! =D