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ARASHI childhood pict

1 Feb

loooooongggggggg timeeeeeeeeee  not update this blog!!

i just comeback from holiday~~

i just thingking for forgetting this blog forever!! T^T


now i’ve leisure time…and when watching some old vide..

i watching Aiba in Oshairism..and see his childhood pict~~

then i make this…LOL

i’ve manyyyyyyyyy childhood pict!! ROFLOL..

Aiba Masaki

Sakurai sho

Matsumoto Jun

Ninomiya Kazunari

Satoshi Ohno

JE boysss sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

it’s look they not have plastic surgery^^~~


matsujun’s chibi is LOVELY!!


Jhonny’s Countdown 2009-2010

2 Jan

I see many ikemen in new year!!LOL

Arshi made it!! they still using kohaku’s costume..

hayaii na!!! after kohaku..they went to tokyo dome!!

i’m glad i can watchin’ in keyhole^^

There were many changes of clothing at all. .i love kanjani’s leopard print costume^^~~

anoo… Ueda’s hair looks weird..XDD

tackey & tsubasa appear!! tsubasa’s hair greattttt !!! 😉

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT is Uchi and  Toma were present at the concert.



u can download here:


The 60th NHK Kohaku Singing~~

31 Dec

KOHAKU start 7.15 pm  until 11.45 pm Japan Time

“part 1”
Ayumi Hamasaki → EXILE → AKB48 → flumpool → NYC boys → Ikimonogakari → “festival for children” → Kitayama Takeshi . Natsuko Godai → → GIRL NEXT DOOR → Nana Mizuki Jell-O → → FUNKY MONKEY BABYS → 美律子 Nakamura, Yoshimi Tendo → → → Porno Graffiti . Mikawa Kenichi Sakamoto Fuyumi → → → Hosokawa Takashi . Otsuka Ai . Remioromen → → → Shinichi Mori . Miyuki Kawanaka
“Part 2”
→ “The Power of Song” → “Boyle Susan” → Yusuke.  Tokunaga Hideaki → aiko → → → TOKIO → Hirahara Ayaka . Akimoto Yoriko.  TVXQ → Perfume → → → Kaori Mizumori Hiroshi Itsuki → “Michael Jackson Special Stage” → → Alice Kimura Kaela Mika Nakashima Yuzu → → → → Angela.  Aki Sachiko.  Kobayashi Akira Fuse → → → Kumi Koda . Masaharu Fukuyama → ARASHI→ “secret guest” → Hikawa Kobukuro → → → Sayuri Ishikawa.  Akiko Wada . Ayaka → → SMAP → DREAMS COME TRUE → Saburo Kitajima


there’s secret guest…^_^

guess who??

Suponichi the newspaper in an interview, this secret guest is Yazawa. This year’s red and white to four scripts where there is a blank page over. If we turn at around 11 pm, the popular group “ARASHI” after singing, and we entered a climactic scene of the show.
Yazawa appeared not broadcast, NHK Hall in the hall and coming up. I sing many songs, the band is back, and whether the information is not staying.
NHK, only 20 have appeared in the desire to offer more than a year Yazawa annually. Yazawa has miraculously reached the time for sixty nine red and white the same month. New Year’s Eve show in 05 years against the red and white “Dynamite!!” When sung in the interview with the newspaper, “I would not mind singing the sunrise. But not his own image is still out on the red and white. Even image If no why not, “he said.

Non-singers and singers who appeared in the planning, maybe this :

Kiyoshi Shirou Kato, and Masa Kura, Johnny Jr., Nozomi Ohashi, Mitsuko Mori, Masaaki Sakai, Toshiyuki Nishida, Takeda Tetsuya, Yukie Nakama, Kana Kurashina, Ishiguro Ken, Michiko Hada, Rentaro Mikuni, Ichigo Ayanokoji kid, Taichi Saotome, Daigoro Tachibana, Ookawa Ryoutarou, Kung fish, fireflies T. Hara, Takaandotoshi, Totarutenbosu, Radio Oriental, Kendokobayashi, deputy director, mayonnaise, black half Nya, tutorials, NON STYLE, China Round Daikichi Hakata, Harumi Edo, IKKO, Ai Haruna , Audrey, Joe Hisaishi, Sally Ann, Susan Boyle

they invite NON STYLE and AUDREY!! ^0^

it’s beter if they invite Hannya too.

Hannya is my favorite japan’s comedian^^

and Koda Kumi will singing with her lil sisters MISONO for first time^^

it’s interesting Kohaku!!! Don’t miss it!!

Ikuta Toma Appears on All Book Covers of Dazai Osamu Novels from Kadokawa!

16 Dec

Actor Ikuta Toma will play the lead role in the upcoming film ‘人間失格 / No Longer Human (Ningen Shikkaku)’, which is based on the famous Dazai Osamu novel with the same title. The book cover of the novel published by Kadokawa was renewed in October, and has since then been featuring a photo of Ikuta. After the cover was revised, the book has so far sold over 100,000 copies. More are being printed to meet the demand. In response to those sales figures, Kadokawa decided that for a limited time period all 10 Dazai novels will have Ikuta appear on the covers; the campaign has started on December 15th, and the new versions are now on sale in bookstores all across Japan. It will be the first time that the lead actor of a film adaptation of a novel appear on the covers of all the works written by the author.

The main character of the film ‘人間失格 / No Longer Human’ is a young man named Yozo (Ikuta), who from when he was young has difficulties socializing with other people. Although anxious and confused, Yozo’s exquisite appearance and inborn attractiveness never fails to mesmerize the people around him, regardless of their gender. What will be the ultimate fate of Yozo? Aside from Ikuta, the star-studded cast includes Iseya Yusuke, Terajima Shinobu, Ishihara Satomi, Morita Go and more. Arato Genjiro is the director. Ikuta is also scheduled to star in the film ‘ハナミズキ / Hanamizuki’ which will premiere in summer next year. Be on the look out for more from Ikuta Toma!

cre: Mj+


i really miss this guy!! LOL

i wanna see this movie,since the novel really greattttttttt!!!

this the OFFICIAL SITE of this movie..

i dunno why Link not working ..

jya… this site:

this the cast ^__^

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