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26 Jan


today I really busy! T___T I wanna celebrate his b’day!!! T___T
this my bad…huhuhuhu…
I hope u always healthy and be happy forever! many people love and support u Jaejoong oppa..
thanks for everything! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.

Today I see Aiba’s new AU CM! Android type…………..I WANT IT SOOO BADLY!!! and tomorrow they will break a records! Arashi always amazing!!! and today they release ~SCENE~ concert DVD.
I REALLY LOVE THIS DVD!!! AMAZING CONCERT..!! expected from Arashi…
I hope someday I’ll see they concert in Japan!! in Kokuritsu as well….T__T
best concert ever!! really BEST ~SCENE~

60 Arashi’s new commercials of AU will be aired on TV tomorrow as the group tries to break three world records!
Sixty versions of their new mobile commercial will go on air tomorrow in attempt to break the following world records: “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast on regular TV within 24 hours”, “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast on one pay-TV channel within 8 hours”, and “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast within one 30-minute TV show”.
The challenge will begin on January 27, with Space Shower TV being the one pay-TV channel, and the “Music Lovers” TV show – to be broadcast on January 30 – to be the one 30-minute show.
It has been reported a special website,, will showcase all 60 commercials from 11am tomorrow, Japan time.


Vote ARASHI in Peru Music Poll

6 Jan

I’m so sorry can’t update this blog lately..
this week until next week I have final exam in my college..(_ _。)
but,I need to post this~~ people! vote ARASHI in Peru music poll! VOTE
Click the stars under Arashi’s pic!(choose 5 star ne!) You can vote every 10 mins!

Arashi is No.2 now..

and Sho-chan does a new CM of ajinomoto..^^
and Sho in new Able CM soooooo handsome!! *biased wife* XDD
Dont forget to vote!! u can vote for other artist too..
I vote for my JYJ~ 🙂

Arashi in Kohaku really impressive! ^^,

31 Dec

this is last update for me in 2010~
I’m really grateful with my blog stat today!
thanks so much for people who’s read my blog..
I’m spamming about Kohaku and Jhonny’s countdown here sakuraifacts
this year kohaku really’s not biased. But,that I feel…
especially when Arashi sing “Furusato” the special song in this kohaku..
Arashi sing Furusato
Congratulations for Arashi and White Team..they won again this year in Kohaku!
White Team won^^
Arashi really work hard being Kohaku’s MC this year! Otsukare-sama Arashi! I’m really proud of you guys!
they really great entertainer,they can do many thing! I love them more and more..
They sing Kohaku’s SP medley 2010~ Troublemaker and Monster..they use Golden^^
so shining! like them..shining star!^^,
Arashi’s performance in Kohaku
they change costume around 5 times maybe?? but my favorite is,when they use white hakama!
ahh..that costume make me wanna marry them! XDD

and Kaibutsu-kun appeared with his friends!^^, so lovely!
and uta no chikara (kohaku’s song) really great us usual 🙂 uta no chikara
Nao Matsushita playing,Ikimono Gakari’s ‘arigatou’ with piano is my fave’s too in this kohaku…that’s soooo lovely!
so,beautiful…I like her! talented girl…
just waiting someone upload the HQ video! 😀

Arashi still perform for Jhonny’s count down..from NHK..
I like this year JCD..I like the list of the song..
Kanjani8 always funny! they eat sushi on the stage! LOL
and when Jhonny’s sing Love so sweet together,,I like that!
Arashi medley,Truth,Love Rainbow,troublemaker…
but,I didn’t see Toma~~ and Akanishi Jin?!! where Jin??!
ugh…it seems many people forget about Jin..huhuhu..T___T
whatever..this year really spectacular!
I can say,this year still Arashi’s year…I hope in 2011 they more and more popular and got many love from people! stay humble like now…keep the “ARASHI’s soul”..
thanks so much Arashi for this year! I spending great year with u guys!!!

if u wanna see JCD~check this comment or say thanks to her too!

and something really make today so special is JYJ being able to appear for the first time performing on TV after dbsk split~~and Yoochun winning the best newcomer actor award at KBSdrama awards
it’s really make my day~~

everyone!ヽ(✿◕ัˇ◡◕ัˇ) / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!ヽ(◕ัˇ◡◕ัˇ✿)/
keep support Arashi in 2011^^~ and I hope still many people read my blog^^
and give comment~ I just wanna make a friend.. 😀
Bye,2010….Welcome 2011!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~~

cre uploader: really thanks to xuanluxuan@tudou
don’t claim with ur name!

Best Artist 2010

2 Dec

“Nittere-kei Ongaku no Saiten Best Artist 2010“, an annual special music program from Nihon TV (NTV), will be broadcasted live on December 15th at 7:00 p.m
and Sakurai Sho will be the main host~ like last year…^^

usually in Best Artist many JE talents will perform neee..??! according Tokyohive from TV Pia~ the artist are:
* Arashi
* Fukuyama Masaharu
* AKB48
* Ikimonogakari
* Perfume
* Tackey & Tsubasa
* Hirai Ken
* Porno Graffitti
* Yuzu
* Kobukuro
* Hey!Say! JUMP

oh..I wanna Kanjani8 in the list!!! hope they’ll performing in best artist this year^^ and V6 too..but, already TOKIO, T&T in the list! LOL
OH JYJ!!!! I WANT JYJ!!!! 🙂



vote: Artist who want to debut in 61th Kohaku Utagassen 2010

5 Nov

wanna ur artist performing in Kohaku this year??

Let’s vote!!!!

the list of artist:

Uemura Kana
Utada hikaru
Katō Miliyah
shōjo jidai
Nishino kana
Inoue Yōsui
sakanakushon (sakana action)
junsu, jejung, yuchon (JYJ)
Shimizu Shōta
Honey L Days
B’ z
Yazawa Eikichi
sonota (jiyū kinyū)

how to vote???

Go to

  • 1. In the list, select artist that u support,for example..I vote for JYJ ~ In the “ひとことコメント入力” comment box, you can write a short comment (comment in japanese b/c bassically this vote for japanese^^)
  • 2. that box is for gender..If you’re female, select “女性”; if you’re male, select ”男性”.
  • 3. in boxt next to gender is age~There, select your age.
  • 4. next is Located~select ur location (this vote for japanese,so u should choose one of that..If you’re looking for Tokyo, it’s “東京都”.)
  • 5.Finally,klick button “投票する” (“Vote”)…after vote~you can see the voting results..

well…I kinda disagree about shojo jidai and KARA in the list…*not offend* just they too early!XDD
for red team…I support Utada Hikaru and Nishino kana,oh YUI is great too!!!! my faves!!!
in white…I’ll support JYJ,I wanna support KAT TUN and NEWS as well,but…how about JCD???
I prefer KAT TUN and NEWS in JCD! since Arashi is the host in Kohaku >,<‘
I need them in JCD than kohaku! LOL


Welcome November!

1 Nov

Welcome November! ^^
many thing in november~~
11 years debute(CD) Arashi…30th b’day “Leader” Ohchan!etc..
and yea…my b’day too!! wkwkwkwk..
my exam is in november as well! T___T

hope many things really good in this month!! and for Indonesia~
hopefully no more natural disasters, or other bad things to this earth.
okay~~ in this 1st november…good start with Ayyy Girl PV ..and Ayyy Girl Trending in twitter too!
Keep The Faith tattoo in this PV is so ajfkbktyi%^&*(@$##%%^&*&(!!!!!!!

credit to uploader