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Arashi’s LOTUS cover

31 Jan

ARASHI’s new single Lotus cover is out johnnys-net.jp

umm…this is too simple! I thought the cover will cool like the PV! *disappointed*
I hope Arashi’s staff be more creative! and for the PV too…I hope they do outdor type for PV..>,<‘
well…still can’t wait the full PV for LOTUS! πŸ™‚

and for AU KDDI Android~arashi’s attempt to make a guiness world record is a success!! omedetou arashi!:)
as expected from Arashi~~ last night I’m watching music lover~~ it’s really enjoying! and sooo many au android CM aired! xDD oh..today is 31st of January! bye..bye January! and Happy Birthday to Yabu Kota (Hey Say JUMP!) \(^o^)/
wish u all the best! success for you β™₯β™₯