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release it! can’t wait….

14 Jan

Yes. I’ve HARD time right now. T__T
since yesterday I’m in hospital….
well..this room like a hotel,but still….I can’t sleep at all! hospital is hospital after all..T__T
it’s hard..but, I’m the person who’s always thinking: on any difficulties that you face, there is always a gap to bring your day into a lighter…XDDD

for this time.. I speak about AsahiTV today~
they aired Preview’s PV of LOTUS(Aiba’s Bartender song)
they looooookkkkkkkkssssssssss soooo amazing!specially with white suit!!! light up my day! :))
and Sho-channnnn..he’s sooooo HOT! actually all member sooo hot too!and the song is very good too!…
OMG. they!

Sho really hot! don’t blaming me if in this pic many Sho’s face..LOL please blaming his face! 😀

Arashi’s 35th Single~ Lotus
Release on 2011/02/23
2 versions
CD+DVD JACA-5258 ¥1,470(税込)(初回限定盤)
Limited Edition (LE)
~CD 収録内容>(2曲)
~DVD 収録内容>

Reguler Edition (RE)
CD only JACA-5260 ¥1,200(税込)
M3.Boom Boom
M6.Boom Boom(オリジナル・カラオケ)

theyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooks amazing in this PV! people, let’s buy this!!! 🙂

and can’t wait BARTENDER!! Aiba looks good! and…I’ve Hand or finger fetish..LOL *I think Aiba’s hand is good!* Omoooonaaaaaa….

and Akanishi Jin will be releasing a new single called “Eternal” on March 2nd. This will be his first release since he switched his label from J-One Records to Warner Music Japan. And there’s “Murasaki”,his solo song that he’s perform in Concert with KAT-TUN before~~ well…people waiting this too!

and I hope Ohno Satoshi’s Kaibutsukun Movie shooting in Indonesia! Bali maybe??
this year..I’ve planning to visit Bali..and I hope when I visit Bali,I can accidentally meet him! LOL (daydreamin’)XDD


Aiba Masaki new drama next season

22 Nov

it’s confirmed..○ヽ(・o・ヽ)
Aiba will playing live action of Bartender.
from LJ
Aiba will be taking on the main role of Sasakura Ryuu.

Ryuu Sasakura
Ryuu is a genius bartender who helps the people who come into his bar. Although not thoroughly explained at first, Ryuu actually runs the bar by himself, and Eden Hall was his first bar. He worked as an assistant for a senior bartender before he opened Eden Hall, and that gave him the experience he needed to handle the job. In episode 9, it is revealed that Ryuu has in fact made a mistake by serving an incorrect cocktail to a lady, as she requested a different drink afterwards, despite his almost flawless outlook. Due to this, for every year after he opened Eden Hall, Ryuu has reserved that one special night for the woman’s husband, and he was Eden Hall’s first customer. Often, Ryuu maintains his composure and throughout the story, puts on a brave and sincere effort to help the customers who fret and seem disturbed in his bar. He has been shown to handle all sorts of spirits and know most of the history of the drinks he serves. Ryuu is also known to serve the “Glass of the Gods”, and being entitled to this, made Eden Hall a pleasurable venue for customers seeking the menu of their hearts. According to the manga, Ryuu is 26 years old.


huaaaaa…Glass of the Gods Aibaaaaa !!!^^
cant wait!! the poster remind me of Kame’s drama,Kami no Shizuku…wkwkwkwkw
I never read the manga..I hope this drama will be good!
aniway… ALL season drama is ARASHI~~ xDD

credit pitc: shueisha