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Arashi’s LOTUS cover

31 Jan

ARASHI’s new single Lotus cover is out johnnys-net.jp

umm…this is too simple! I thought the cover will cool like the PV! *disappointed*
I hope Arashi’s staff be more creative! and for the PV too…I hope they do outdor type for PV..>,<‘
well…still can’t wait the full PV for LOTUS! 🙂

and for AU KDDI Android~arashi’s attempt to make a guiness world record is a success!! omedetou arashi!:)
as expected from Arashi~~ last night I’m watching music lover~~ it’s really enjoying! and sooo many au android CM aired! xDD oh..today is 31st of January! bye..bye January! and Happy Birthday to Yabu Kota (Hey Say JUMP!) \(^o^)/
wish u all the best! success for you ♥♥


re-register Jhonnys International form

10 Dec

I just open my email~
I got the new email from Johnnys International E-mail Office
and what of the content is about this:

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Who is your favorite Johnnys artist?
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

We updated our Johnnys International Information email registration page. One
additional item, “Your favorite Johnnys artist”, is added on the page. If you would
like to tell us who is your favorite, follow the steps below to re-register your account:

>>>Step 1
Cancel your registered Johnnys International account via:

>>>Step 2
Register again via the updated Johnnys International registration page:

We would like to know who your favorite is!

*Please register in English only
*Fill in ONLY ONE of your favorite Johnnys group or artist name.
*Follow the above steps to re-register your account is NOT A MUST. You could ignore
it and information email will continue delivery to your registered email address.

credit: Jhonny’s International E-mail Office.

OH.Guys! let’s re-register and ARASHIAN,LET’S FILL IT!! 🙂
I hope many Jhonnys artist who’ll be tour in Asia~!!! especially ARASHI.

Best Artist 2010 Performer List

6 Dec

Like before
so..this fix line up of Best artis 2010~ 20 artists wholl be participate

“Nittere-kei Ongaku no Saiten Best Artist 2010“

15th December 2010

7 pm (JST)

with one of the main Host is Sakurai Sho (Arashi) maa..this 2nd time to him. ^__^

  • Arashi
  • Ikimonogakari
  • AKB48
  • Koda Kumi
  • Kobukuro
  • Sakamoto Fuyumi
  • Tackey & Tsubasa
  • Nishino Kana
  • NEWS
  • Hamasaki Ayumi
  • Perfume
  • Hirai Ken
  • Fukuyama Masaharu
  • Hey!Say!JUMP
  • Porno Graffitti
  • Yuzu

source : http://www.ntv.co.jp/best-artist/

Music Station Super Live 2010

3 Dec

I really waiting this show!!! kinda Jhonny’s festival…

this from  TV Asahi

24 December; 8 pm

KinKi Kids
Koda Kumi
Saito Kazuyoshi
Shoujo Jidai
Tackey and Tsubasa
Kana Nishino
Ayumi Hamasaki
Fukuyama Masaharu
Hey! Say! JUMP!
Porno Graffitti
L’Arc ~ en ~ Ciel

and..ugh!!! I can’t see JYJ..BUT Shojo Jidai!!! >,<‘ and bigbang! where’s bigbang??? No Kurokichi and Miliyah…>,<‘
but my best 2 women singer in the list! GO YUI,NISHINO KANA!!!!!!

Potato magazine (2010.12) rank: naughty boy

8 Nov

this month polling is



hahahaa…as expected!!! this rank is more like list of cunning or tricky boy!! LMAO.
No.1 Ninomiya Kazunari (ARASHI)
No.2 Tegoshi Yuuya (NEWS)
No.3 Chinen Yuuri (Hey Say Jump! || NYC Boys)
No.4  Aiba Masaki (ARASHI)
No.5 Daiki Arioka (Hey Say Jump!)
No.6 Hikaru Yaotome (Hey Say Jump!)
No.7 Yokoyama Yuu (Kanjani 8 )

NO DOUBT for No.1!! LOL I dont think Chinen Yuuri is Itazurakko!! 😛
and Aiba..for me,Aiba is pure baka..hahaha..*got shoot*

umm..Yokoyama Yuu is perfect itazura! hahaa..hikaru too! LOL
why too many itzurako from Hey Say Jump?? 😛

you can found the November issue here

Potato magazine (2010.11) rank: smart guy

12 Oct

yuhuuuuu..smart guys in Jhonny’s~~~~hohoho

if..I’m biased here,it cant be helped!!!!

No.1 Sakurai Sho (Arashi) a.k.a my husband LOL
No.2 Yamada Ryosuke (Hey Say JUMP)
No.3 Kato Shigeaki (NEWS)
No.4 Inoo Kei (Hey Say JUMP)
No.5 Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
No.6 Yuuri Chinen (Hey Say JUMP), Nakajima Kento (Jhonny’s Jr)
No.7 Yabu Kota (Hey Say JUMP)

Sakurai Sho really smart everyone know that….
Nino is smart too! I know…Nino always faster to study new thing…”one scene OK” actor..^^
I really happy about Inoo Kei and Chinen Yuuri..my ichiban in HSJ~~katou shigeaki

credit magz scan by sterimaz

Jhonny’s Sport Day 150 Johnny’s Members Compete: Kamenashi and Nakamaru MVPs! ^__^

16 Dec

On December 13th at Tokyo Dome the ‘Johnny’s Selected Members Large Sports Festival (ジャニーズ選抜大運動会)’ was held for the first time in 5 years. A total of 150 Johnny’s members participated, including Kondo Masahiko, Nakai Masahiro, Domoto Koichi, Takizawa Hideaki, KAT-TUN and Johnny’s Jr. They were divided into two teams and competed in various sports. J-RED was led by Takizawa, and Kamenashi was leader of J-WHITE.
The MVP for baseball was Kamenashi Kazuya, and for soccer it was Nakamaru Yuichi; both are members of KAT-TUN. For baseball it was a close game, with J-WHITE starter Kamenashi and J-RED relief pitcher Nakayama Yuma performing superbly. At the top of the sixth inning (final inning), J-WHITE was leading 3 to 2. With two outs and runners on first and second, the J-RED batter was Nakayama. Kamenashi struck him out with a mean fastball, successfully pitching a complete game and leading J-WHITE to a victory. In soccer, J-RED’s young Okamoto Keito of Hey! Say! JUMP showed great hustle but wasn’t enough to beat J-WHITE Nakamaru’s hat trick. The final relay race turned into a dead heat in which Hey! Say! JUMP members Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto and others went head to head with the KAT-TUN members, including Ueda Tatsuya and Tanaka Koki. There was great competition between members in their teens and 20s, and both sides were never ready to concede victory without a good fight.

Kondo and Nakai were surprise guests. Nakai, who participated in the baseball game, constantly chided the younger Johnny’s members. Even the KAT-TUN members were forced to go on the defensive, with Tanaka being told “You’ve too many ear piercings.”, while Taguchi Junnosuke was derided “Your smile looks fake.” Nakamaru was told “You don’t have any features that stand out.”
Nakamaru commented about becoming the MVP for soccer. “In a way I was pretty serious. I’ve always told the other KAT-TUN members that I was good at soccer because I had played the sport for 7 years. I’m glad I was able to prove that claim.” The baseball MVP Kamenashi beamed. “I feel happy that we got to strengthen our bonds through sports.” Takizawa said “We should do this again next year.” Might there be a chance for the festival to become an annual winter event?

yess i hope!!!!! ^______^

very sad ARASHI won’t attending this event~~

i can understand since their schedule superrrrrrrrrrr busy!!

hope next year they’ll attending~~

Omedetoooooooooooooo for Kamenashi and Nakamaru^^

cre: MJ+

This some pic~~

cre: wintergreenn@LJ

and i can ignore my eyes to those brats!!>> Morimoto ryutaro

cre: silyangpilak@LJ



i wanna this DVD!! *hope they’ll be release*

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