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Good luck for our boy!

30 Dec

Arashi really busy with Kohaku’s rehearsal..
Arashi will sing “2010 Kohaku original medley” and was revealed that Arashi will show off a medley of 2 song “Troublemaker” and “Monster”.
according Nikkan Sport updated. Arashi performance time is 5 min, another artist 3 min.
Most of performers rehearsal time was around 10 min and Arashi took 40 min for rehearsal yesterday.
and A-chan (Perfume) dreaming about matsujun! LOL .it’s impact from rehearsal?? 🙂
I can’t wait for this year kohaku!
Arashi really give their effort for this.
I hope they do the best in Kohaku!
regarding about Arashi will not participate in Jhonny’s countdown this year..I haven’t found confirmation news about that..
but,I hope they still performing in JCD.
though that’ s toooooooo rough!!
maybe they will not perfroming in JCD, but who knows Jhonny’s plan?!
it seems in that 31 December they must be ready from 9 am..and until midnight in Kohaku!
so,I don’t wanna looks they sooooo tired that day! huhuhuhu…
and I still didn’t see JCD in their schedule..
arashigoto calendar
today many video about Kohaku! 🙂 and they’re looooks so georgeous! yeah,I’m biased 😀


Kohaku info~

23 Dec

I read this from my friend’s web tokyograph

On Wednesday, NHK announced several special segments and projects planned for the upcoming Kouhaku Uta Gassen, as well as the names of the guest judges for the contest.

The 10 guest judges are:

* Yusuke Iseya (actor)
* Natsumi Iwasaki (variety show writer and author of “Moshidora”)
* Juri Ueno (actress)
* Kinya Kitaoji (actor)
* Daisuke Takahashi (figure skater)
* Shinobu Terajima (actress)
* Yukie Nakama (actress)
* Soichi Noguchi (astronaut)
* Kanae Minato (author of “Kokuhaku”)
* Nunoe Mura (wife of mangaka Shigeru Mizuki and subject of the “Gegege no Nyoubou” drama)

One of the special projects is a “Character Kouhaku Uta Gassen,” featuring popular characters from the past year. The White Team will be represented by “Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun” by Kaibutsu-kun (Satoshi Ohno) and “Gegege no Kitaro” by voice actor Kazuo Kumakura and others. The Red Team will be represented by “Dokonoko no Kinoko” from the children’s show “Okaasan to Issho,” plus a version of the anime song “Alright! HeartCatch PreCure!” sung by Nana Mizuki and AKB48.

Another project will be a gathering of the “Gegege no Nyoubou” family, uniting the drama cast of Nao Matsushita (one of the Kouhaku hosts), Osamu Mukai, Ren Osugi, and Yuko Kotegawa.

Another segment will introduce the cast of the current NHK morning drama series “Teppan,” led by Miori Takimoto. Sumiko Fuji and Hidekazu Akai will also appear, as well as singer Miyuki Kawanaka, who is one of the performing artists this year for Kouhaku’s Red Team.

Several other minor projects were revealed, involving celebrities such as comedian Nezucchi (W Colon), Rakuten Eagles pitcher Masahiro Tanaka (appearing with FUNKY MONKEY BABYS), TV personality Kimimaro Ayanokoji, and talento Ai Haruna.

One big highlight is that all of the artists this year are planned to sing together the song “Uta no Chikara,” which Joe Hisaishi composed as the “theme song” of last year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Last year, the song was also sung by all of the appearing artists.

Kohaku this year seems sooooooooo fresh and interesting!!!! gegege no nyobo family attending^^ oh~~ Mukai!!^^
and my favorite actrees Ueno Juri in judge’s chair! hohoho..
and I’m glad they still using Yukie “yankumi” Nakama~~ ^___^
well..kaibutsu-kun from another station TV but,yeah..they still invite Kaibutsu-kunnnn!!! kaibutsukun…arashi power! eh. riida power! 🙂
umm..this thing make me happy! though I’m still sick T____T

Kohaku International Broadcasting schedule plan

21 Nov

since this week choooo taihen! I dont have time to update my fangirl life.
even…tour in tokyo dome–>> I forgot thiiisssss!!
since my grandmom passed away, I go to another city.
and the signal just 2G!!!!! they dont have 3G! >,<‘
but..even they have 3G, maybe I still dont have mood for fangirl’ing…

I read NHK kohaku blog~~
and they already update about plans of this year kohaku for broadcast abroad like last year..

Here is a current schedule of international broadcasting.
● Television
“NHK World Premium”
December 31 (Fri)
19:30 ~ 21:25,21:30 ~ 23:45 Japan time
January 1 (Saturday)
7:20 – 9:15,9:25 – Japan Time 11:40
※ in the Europe and North America, Japan, available through television service.

North America
December 31 (Fri)

9:00 Eastern Time
Western Time – 6:00
December 31 (Fri)
21:00 Eastern Time
Western Time ~ 18:00

December 31 (Fri)

10:30 UK time
December 31 (Fri)– 18:00 UK time

● Radio
“NHK World Radio Japan”
December 31 (Fri)
19:30 ~ 21:25,21:30 ~ 23:45 Japan time


source: kohakublog

Arashi will host 61th Kohaku Uta Gassen 2010

3 Nov

NHK announced actress Matsushita Nao (25) (lead actress in NHK’s popular drama Gegege no Nyobo) the host for the Red team, and five-member idol group Arashi as the host for the White team in the 61th Kouhaku Uta Gassen on New Year’s Eve.This means Arashi will definitely be performing on the show as well. Arashi are in the white team. Kouhaku will be aired on NHK on 31st December 2010 to mark the end of the year.
This year’s 61st Kouhaku Song Festival carries the theme “Uta de tsunagou” (Let’s connect through songs – loose translation).  This year’s “Kohaku” will start on 7:15 p.m and run until 11:45 p.m(Japan time) on New Year’s eve
More info: nhk.kohaku

It seems  Arashi are the first group to be appointed as hosts ever. *they make record again*
This Arashi’s second invitation to Kouhaku. Many people shouldn’t forget about their superb performed in Kohaku last year and now,they’ll be the host this big program!!
Arashi always make their fans really proud!!!!

today..really though for me!!!
I spent this day 13 hours in Campus!!! damn….I’m super sleepy now
but,thanks again and again for the boys! they always make my day!♥

it means they not  hosting Jhonny’s countdown this year???? >,<;;;; but,I hope they still attending JCD even they not the host >,<..or maybe Jhonny still using Arashi for the host?? because…This year’s “Kohaku” will start on 7:15 p.m and run until 11:45 p.m ne??? maybe Arashi can make it!! LOL~ who can guessed what’s Jhonny’s think~xDDD
some rumour said SMAP will be the host of this year Jhonny’s countdown! maa…I thought it’s V6 time! ^^