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Arashi Announces Charity Events and Beautiful World Tour

19 May

I’m back!! XDD

hisashiburiiiiiii neeeeeeeeeee!!!!

well…I’m really busy this year, but I keep update my Tumblr though…^^

I miss this blog! 🙂 and many thing today that make me mecchaaaaaaaa ureshi!!!

Arashi has announced that they will hold charity events at Tokyo Dome on June 24-26. The members were originally planning to kick off their nationwide tour with those dates, but after the Tohoku earthquake in March, they initially considered canceling the concerts. Instead, they decided in April to turn the concerts into these charity events.

The events will have a school theme, and the five members of Arashi will be serving as teachers. They will each prepare an educational project that can be enjoyed together with their fans, though the specific contents have not yet been decided. It is reported that they currently do not plan to perform any songs during the events.

A total of five events will be held – one on June 24, and two each on June 25 and 26. They will each last about 90 minutes. Since the fans will be limited to the stands, a seated capacity of 45,000 is available for each show, for a possible total audience of 225,000. Part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

On July 6, the group will release a new album titled “Beautiful World.” Member Matsumoto Jun stated that they chose the title to reflect their thoughts about how things will turn out since the earthquake. The track list is currently undecided, but it is said that at least one of the new songs has a techno-like element.

In conjunction with the album, they are planning their nationwide tour under the same name, which will take them to 5 different venues for 11 concerts. They will start at Osaka Dome on July 24 and continue their tour until September, then they will resume the tour in January 2012.

The venues include four of the five major domes (excluding Tokyo Dome) and the National Olympic Stadium. This will be their 4th consecutive year performing at the National Olympic Stadium, and Matsumoto declared that they are considering implementing some stage mechanisms that have never been seen before.

Arashi also announced that on June 30, they will release a pocket-sized version of their book “Nippon no Arashi,” which was originally distributed to 40,000 schools last year. The new version will cost 1,050 yen, and all of the revenue will be given to charity.

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it’s really great! their 4th consecutive in Kokuritsu!!

about the tour schedule: will star in July-January 2012

 June is “Charity Eventin Tokyo Dome”, so not technically a “Beautiful World” concert.

This charity will held:

  • 6/24 Fri 17:00
  • 6/25 Sat. 11:00 / 17:00
  • 6/26 11:00/ 17:00

Then the “Beautiful World” concert starts in

  •  Kyosera Dome Osaka :  (7/24 Sun 16:00)
  • then Sapporo Dome : (7/30 Sat 18:00 & 7/21 Sun.16:00)
  • Kokuritsu (National Stadium) : (9/2 Fri 17:30) & (9/3 Sat 17:30 )
  • Osaka again in Kyosera Dome Osaka : (1/3 Tue 18:00) & (1/4 Wed 16:00)
  • Nagoya Dome : ( 1/7 Sat 18:00) &  (1/8 Sun 16:00)
  •  and final concerts at Fukuoka again in Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome : (1/14 Sat 18:00 & 1/15 Sun 16:00)

Arashi in Android au CM

27 Jan

this really break the record!! XDDD
just download and watching here~~ ARASHI Android_au

and this CM making + wallpaper
all this CM soooo lovely! 😀

Arashi in Kohaku really impressive! ^^,

31 Dec

this is last update for me in 2010~
I’m really grateful with my blog stat today!
thanks so much for people who’s read my blog..
I’m spamming about Kohaku and Jhonny’s countdown here sakuraifacts
this year kohaku really impressive..it’s not biased. But,that I feel…
especially when Arashi sing “Furusato” the special song in this kohaku..
Arashi sing Furusato
Congratulations for Arashi and White Team..they won again this year in Kohaku!
White Team won^^
Arashi really work hard being Kohaku’s MC this year! Otsukare-sama Arashi! I’m really proud of you guys!
they really great entertainer,they can do many thing! I love them more and more..
They sing Kohaku’s SP medley 2010~ Troublemaker and Monster..they use Golden^^
so shining! like them..shining star!^^,
Arashi’s performance in Kohaku
they change costume around 5 times maybe?? but my favorite is,when they use white hakama!
ahh..that costume make me wanna marry them! XDD

and Kaibutsu-kun appeared with his friends!^^, so lovely!
and uta no chikara (kohaku’s song) really great us usual 🙂 uta no chikara
Nao Matsushita playing,Ikimono Gakari’s ‘arigatou’ with piano is my fave’s too in this kohaku…that’s soooo lovely!
so,beautiful…I like her! talented girl…
just waiting someone upload the HQ video! 😀

Arashi still perform for Jhonny’s count down..from NHK..
I like this year JCD..I like the list of the song..
Kanjani8 always funny! they eat sushi on the stage! LOL
and when Jhonny’s sing Love so sweet together,,I like that!
Arashi medley,Truth,Love Rainbow,troublemaker…
but,I didn’t see Toma~~ and Akanishi Jin?!! where Jin??!
ugh…it seems many people forget about Jin..huhuhu..T___T
whatever..this year really spectacular!
I can say,this year still Arashi’s year…I hope in 2011 they more and more popular and got many love from people! stay humble like now…keep the “ARASHI’s soul”..
thanks so much Arashi for this year! I spending great year with u guys!!!

if u wanna see JCD~check this comment or say thanks to her too!

and something really make today so special is JYJ being able to appear for the first time performing on TV after dbsk split~~and Yoochun winning the best newcomer actor award at KBSdrama awards
it’s really make my day~~

everyone!ヽ(✿◕ัˇ◡◕ัˇ) / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!ヽ(◕ัˇ◡◕ัˇ✿)/
keep support Arashi in 2011^^~ and I hope still many people read my blog^^
and give comment~ I just wanna make a friend.. 😀
Bye,2010….Welcome 2011!! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~~

cre uploader: really thanks to xuanluxuan@tudou
don’t claim with ur name!

Vote “20th yearly drama award 2010” in TVLife

23 Dec

Vote “20th yearly drama award 2010” in TVLife~~
※ deadline is January 5, 2011 (Wed), 23:59.
vote here tvlife
this is vote recomended for japanese or people who’s live in japan…
it seems will be “Arashi-Battle” hohoho…Ohno,Sakurai,Ninomiya,and Matsumoto in the nominee…
well..my ichiban is Sho-chan, but..honestly if I must vote..
I’ll vote for Ohno or Nino^^
Ohno in Kaibutsu-kun is briliant!!! and Nino’s freeter is the best~~ long time no see Nino in drama neee??
*since 2008 in ryuseii no mizuna isn’t it??*
huaaa…I’m support ALL of them! *confused* 🙂

and tonight Himitsu no Arashi-chan is MAXIMUM KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!!!
If I need to make some spoiler~~ I’ll post the screenscap later. hohohohoho.
Mana Ashida realllyyyyy kawaiiii!!!! OMG~~~
I hope they’ll invite Kato Seishiro-kun too later!! *it’s HnA going to children bangumi??* hehehhe..

2010 CM Rank~

14 Dec

I read oriconnews

Talent (male) ranking CM numbers of company hired for CM this year~

No.1  Pro golfer,Ryo Ishikawa (17 companies)

No.2 SMAP-Takuya Kimura (11 companies)

No.3 Kiyoshiro Kato (10 companies)

No.5 Shuzo Matsuoka & ARASHI-Jun Matsumoto (7 companies)

No.6 ARASHI-Sho Sakurai (6 companies)

No.7 ARASHI-Masaki Aiba, ARASHI-Satoshi Ohno, ARASHI-Kazunari Ninomiya.

as Arashi participated Kohaku for the first time last year, this year their original album(Boku no mirai fukei) got million sales, their success is topping. So company that hired them for CM increased,as they show various face handling drama variety shows to serious drama and they show various face in CM their vast performance must be secret of popularity.

Talent (female) ranking CM numbers of company hired for CM this year~
No.1 Aya Ueto (13)

No.2 Aibu Saki (12)

No.3 Aoi Miyazaki (11)

well..this year Aya Ueto still the Queen of CM! 🙂
ARASHI really great!! I cant say many things again~~ they always in the top this year..
thanx for ur hardwork guys! and for Arashi’s fans…let’s make a party in the new year!! LOL.
this year is year of AKB48 too~
they in this rank too!! 🙂

No.5 Kojima Haruna (9)

No.6 Ooshima and Maeda Atsuko (8)

No.7 Itano Tomomi (7)

and some article about CM endorsement in Tokyo Sport seems provocate~ they compare SMAP with ARASHI.

Arashi endorsement exceeded SMAP finally and got no.1 of entertainment industry was reported and this comes to an issue, CM industry people says “Smap was most expensive endorsement in the entertainment industry since 2000, I heard the amount is 300million by 5. as Johnny think a great deal of group activity, however this price it’s more advantage using them with group rather than individual.” Arashi endorsement is 350million yen by 5, however in the recession this price is special. “entertainment production company people says ” the popularity of Arasih is ture that is proved by numbers of concert audiences and CD sales, etc.

well..this senpai-kouhai are great..I dont like if they compare this two group. SMAP and ARASHI is legend. 😦 and ARASHI still make they story. ^______^


Nino appearance in Tensai Shimura and Aiba in last episode of Nino’s drama

13 Dec

I’m exhaustedddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!
just eat..umm..super-late dinner!! T__T
I’m in pressure now~ about the dealine! huhuhuhu…
I hope I can make it before wednesday! damn assignment!



now~ one of my wish going to reallllllllllllllllllllll!!!!! hoho..
yo. Ninomiya Kazunari will be guest in tensai Shimura next week!
well..when I’m watching latest TSD last saturday..the guest is Yamada Ryosuke.
they played the video about his JE senpai who was be guest~
Kame,Sho,Inoochi,Tatsuya Yamaguchi,Matsujun,Ohno,and of course baka-fail miracle boy Aiba.. 😉
after watched that..I said :” I wanna Nino in TDS!”

that’s turn out really happening!

thie remind me about Sunao ni Narenakute..LOL
I just thingking…It’s really good if Jaejoong in japan dorama! and I hope he’ll playing with my Juri neechan!
well..about week later. my friend called me~ and she was bit crazy..LOL
and she said,”whether you can see the future?” ROFL.
and today~ she’s called me again! LOL.for 2 reason!
One~ is about Nino appearance in Tensai Shimura
and two~ is about Aiba in Freeter. LOL

when we watched freeter epi 1.. I said to her Aiba will be in freeter. hahaha..
she didnt believed me. 😀
I explain to her about Arashi’s estafet drama..xDD
My Girl~ Aiba’s drama——> Sho-chan’s appearance

and then…Sho-chan have a drama nee??? Tokujo Kabachi ^^
riida in last episode^^

and of course then..Riida’s turn…Kaibutsu-kun! 😀
and the guest in last episode is~~ matsujun

so,then..Jun in drama~ Getsu9 drama “Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku”
Nino appeared in last episode~

and now~Nino in drama “Freeter ie o kau”..
and we now next winter Aiba in drama “Bartender” hoho

Aiba appearance in Freeter last episode as site civil worker. and soooo handsome! hahaha…

aaahhhh…bye Freeter! welcome Bartender!
Arashi completed all SEASON in Japan’s drama! YAIIIIIIIIIII~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Taihen!! >,<'

7 Dec

(>人<*) I’ve fever today!
and I’ve many assignment!!!!!!!!!!! ;(
but…2 things make me happy today!
1. Indonesia beat up thailand! 2:1 in AFF cup.
2. Jun’s new hairstyle go public~yeah!!!!
I love this style….