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2010 CM Rank~

14 Dec

I read oriconnews

Talent (male) ranking CM numbers of company hired for CM this year~

No.1  Pro golfer,Ryo Ishikawa (17 companies)

No.2 SMAP-Takuya Kimura (11 companies)

No.3 Kiyoshiro Kato (10 companies)

No.5 Shuzo Matsuoka & ARASHI-Jun Matsumoto (7 companies)

No.6 ARASHI-Sho Sakurai (6 companies)

No.7 ARASHI-Masaki Aiba, ARASHI-Satoshi Ohno, ARASHI-Kazunari Ninomiya.

as Arashi participated Kohaku for the first time last year, this year their original album(Boku no mirai fukei) got million sales, their success is topping. So company that hired them for CM increased,as they show various face handling drama variety shows to serious drama and they show various face in CM their vast performance must be secret of popularity.

Talent (female) ranking CM numbers of company hired for CM this year~
No.1 Aya Ueto (13)

No.2 Aibu Saki (12)

No.3 Aoi Miyazaki (11)

well..this year Aya Ueto still the Queen of CM! 🙂
ARASHI really great!! I cant say many things again~~ they always in the top this year..
thanx for ur hardwork guys! and for Arashi’s fans…let’s make a party in the new year!! LOL.
this year is year of AKB48 too~
they in this rank too!! 🙂

No.5 Kojima Haruna (9)

No.6 Ooshima and Maeda Atsuko (8)

No.7 Itano Tomomi (7)

and some article about CM endorsement in Tokyo Sport seems provocate~ they compare SMAP with ARASHI.

Arashi endorsement exceeded SMAP finally and got no.1 of entertainment industry was reported and this comes to an issue, CM industry people says “Smap was most expensive endorsement in the entertainment industry since 2000, I heard the amount is 300million by 5. as Johnny think a great deal of group activity, however this price it’s more advantage using them with group rather than individual.” Arashi endorsement is 350million yen by 5, however in the recession this price is special. “entertainment production company people says ” the popularity of Arasih is ture that is proved by numbers of concert audiences and CD sales, etc.

well..this senpai-kouhai are great..I dont like if they compare this two group. SMAP and ARASHI is legend. 😦 and ARASHI still make they story. ^______^



Confirmed Ohno’s new dorama & some rumour Spring drama 2010

11 Feb

That Confirmed!! Ohno Satoshi’s new dorama..
my Japanese language is very bad though ,i try to translate!!LOL..and..yaa..sorry 4 my engrish!!^__^

Fujiko Fujio A popular cartoon’s “Kaibutsu-kun”, the popular idol group “Arashi” says Satoshi Ohno (29) was found to be starring in TV dramas. The first of the live action, will air from April every Saturday on NTV at 9.
“KAibutsu-kun” is Ms. Fujiko Fujio A, and the prince of Kaibutsu Land, Kaibutsu-kun, as he decides to go to the human world as part of his training to become the king, Dracula, Wolf Man, in his cartoon depicting a trio of monster Franken, 68 and 80 years were years of television animation.In the drama, the Monster came to the human world for training in his father’s life from the land of the king of the monster, Dracula’s squire, wolf men, and Franken, and my friend Hiroshi’s only human world, along with its sister Utako a variety of stories that are drawn into the fray. That will include family and fight evil creeping into the human world.

source: Yahoo japan

i really not sure about this drama..i don’t like kaibutsu-ku anime ver. and to be honest,,I prefer to see him in romantic scenes than playing with dracula,wolfman,etc!! LOL

one is confirmed~~
thennn..the other dorama’s rumour that i wanna to be true is;

FujiTV, Thursdays 10 PM
cast: Starring Eita, Ueno Juri, Kitagawa Keiko, Okada Masaki, Harada Natsuki and Takenouchi Yutaka.
yaiiiii…i thought terebi wanna make Eita and my lovely neechan,Ueno Juri became a couple!!LOL
I’d love to see their romantic scenes!!can’t wait..ant the rest of the cast,really great!!

TBS, Saturdays 8 PM
Ikemen school drama
Cast:Yamamoto Yusuke, Miura Shohei, Seto Koji and Daito Shunsuke.
olalalala…I LOVE ALL THIS BOY!! ahahahhaa..*dance*

Jhonny’s rumour dorama:
TBS, Fridays 10 PM
“Yankee-kun to Megane-chan” comedy drama
Starring: Nishikido Ryo.
anoou..Ryo will be a yankee maybe??LOL ^__^v

FujiTV, Mondays 9 PM
Hero Sequel
starring: Kimura Takuya,Yoshitaka Yuriko

i hear some rumour about Ninomiya Kazunari dorama,but i didn’t found the article yet.fufufu..