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still….many good things^^

3 Mar

today is kinda bad day…I’m crying. many sad things if heart broken!

but, God always love us….

Today there’re many good things too^^.

1. Johnny’s web updated the video of ARASHI’s new single LOTUS special message.^___^

check their web πŸ˜€ I don’t wanna linking…it seems linking not allowed~

Jhonny’s really kind lately! now..u can see photo of JE artist in all their profile!

2. Vs Arashi guest Miura Haruma ❀ ❀ finally! one of my wishessss..

here if u want watching this~~

aiba looks hot lately^^~ aibartender ❀

Miura Haruma is Vs Arashi ‘lover’~~ he really like this TV show!! oh~~ harumacchi! I love u moreeee and moreee! XD

3. 3rd Mannequin 5 SP voting from 3/7-3/11. On-air date is 3/11. there’s online voting too! soooo maybe we can vote too minna^^~ source: himitsu no Arashi-chan
I hope Jun not no.5 now~~~~!!! poor junjun^^~ but I don’t wanna Sho-chan in no.5 too!! *pray* XDD