Best Artist 2010~ Best Arashi^^

15 Dec

I love Keyhole TV and my Internet connection this evening!^___^
I can watchin’ Best Artist 2010 without trouble! hohohoho…and I make some screescap~
ARASHI IS THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! especially their fans!! really GREAT! it’s like their own concert!
GREAT STAGE!!! ^___^

guys…u must downloading this show FULL!!! ARASHI REALLY ROCKS THE STAGEEEEEEEEEE!!!
and dont stare at their pants!! opps.ROFL.

Jun’s hair is georgeousssssss toooooooooooooooo~~~~~~
Nino and Ohno became TT in twipple~ ๐Ÿ™‚

Ohmiya must be exist! XDD

new treatment~xDD

yama momment^^v

about the grafik~~
and last year~~(Best Artist 2009)

this year~ they got more % for fanboy^^ my timeline in twitter full of this ninomiya has a brain disease
I hope nino give more attention to his health.
but I feel the fans response is a bit excessive.
some comments like this: “Lord, dont take Nino from me”
ugh. yeah~~ I know..but,please! that comment make me thing: “that’s really serious?? he’ll die soon??” hmmmh..

and the truth is: credit~ย ogoediamond@LJ

Ninomiya said that he was very tired all the time and he was always sleepy so he needed to talk all the time for him to stay awake. This is an effect from not being in the sun (Vitamin something… like the UV thingy that humans need) because he’s always inside the house playing games.

He also doesn’t eat the right amount of foods causing him to be tired all the time.

Watanabe-san (War Camerman) said that he should be eating a lot in the morning and at lunch time and make his body flow with the sun. While the sun is up, eat a lot and when it is down, go to sleep and relax.
He also mentioned that he should eat fat food and stuff like that. Like Hamburgers, Steaks, French fries etc. Ninomiya doesn’t/can’t eat steak, but he considered that he will eat hamburgers because he likes that stuff.

Then Dr. Toshiyuki told him that he needs to be in the sun more, and get into a healthy act. He also said that he needs to eat.
It’s not a brain disease. Nino just needs to take care of his body ๐Ÿ˜› lol

well~~ this Arashi performance in Best Artist 2010^^

credit for uploader and the copy of right for NTV


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