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can’t stop Chajatta!!!

31 Aug


I just watching this..yup..I missed 1st episode yesterday! and I can’t stop hearibg this song!!! omooooooooooonaaaa!

I can’t tell how much I miss JJ’s voice with korean song!!!!

I just repeat…repeat..and keep repeat this!! ahahaha..

so..this is my ringtone now =)) I ripped that..

so..if u wanna too..


I’ll really busy in this week!! I’ve event that must I managed…

今日は本当に疲れた! しかし、私は新しい服を得た。hehehe ^____^

I can;t walking legs choooo itaiiiii!! >,<‘

ano…Welcome September!!!!

everyone…more Ganbatte ne!!! \(^_^)/



29 Aug

Happy b’day my dearest Jun-kun!!
it’s already 27th times =D
may god bless you with good health and a more successful future ahead!
wish u all the best!

I made this spontaneously and no idea>, <
sorry, it’s been a long day for me …
but, still very happy for you.

29 Aug

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trembling in….JUN-SAMA! xDD

27 Aug

tonight I’m thinking about this person constantly!
he make me feels Doki-Doki!
he looks beautiful!

okay ..
honestly, I have a shoulder’s Fetish…hehehe..
I like the steady straight shoulder…

while in elementary school that I like someone with a back like this.
we always fight and never speak.
but now, our relationship was like brother and sister. ^____^
ah! why am I writing this??
I need sleep!
already 1.45 a.m here! LMAO.

sorry for this.

27 Aug

2010.26.08 Himitsu no Arashi-chan Mannequin SP

27 Aug

Watching Online~~~

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

cre: 视频信息

2010.08.26 Himitsu No Arashi-chan Mannequin SP-Natsu spoiler

26 Aug

the result is:
1. Sho – 14844 votes
2. Ohno – 10454 votes
3. Nino-8560 votes
4. Aiba – 4063 votes
5. Jun – 3540 votes

Sho’s mannequin~ I thought it’s Jun! XDD

Ohchan’s mannequin ~ It’s really natsu ne?! I know it must be Ohchan mannequin..hehehe

Nino’s mannequin~ I like the colour ^o^

Aiba’s mannequin ~ maa…I kinda dont like this..xDD

Jun’a mannequin ~ poor boy! he said he dont wanna be no.5 for his b’day! wkwkwk

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